Are all cam girls +18 on adult live chats?

In France, a TV show contender by the name of Christian Quesada has been sued for watching, storing pictures of a 17 years old woman he met on a random chat.

Can adult live chat users be accused of being pedophiles?

No. It is not possible as long as the visitor uses one of those adult webcam chat websites:

Those websites are in compliance with the 2257 regulations. This means that the teams of those adult live chats above collect pictures of every cam girl and ID or passport to check their birthdate. This ensures that every single cam girl on the adult chat websites is older than 18+ at the time of the photography. Then, they publish an address on their website where the data is available to the US authorities.

The US 2257 regulations prevent users from all over the world to be in trouble.

All the adult live chat websites that we present on this website are safe and only include women who are of legal age.

So even if some cam girls look really young at LiveJasmin when you choose the category with the youngest camgirls, they are all aged 18+ and you can’t be accused of being a pedophile. This also means that you cannot be accused of consuming pedo pornography pictures and videos by using a adult live chat website.