Gay sex chats are prohibited on Skype

Imagine that you live far away from your significant other. You call him via Skype. You are horny and you decide to masturbate. After several minutes, you have an erection. You are horny as you talk about sex with your significant other over a cam2cam chat session. If you show him how hard you are, you infringe a clause of the Skype terms.

Then, the Skype support team can terminate your Skype account. It will not be possible to recover your skype account. You would need to create a new skype account if you are banned. Also, one of your Skype contacts can report you to Skype. That’s how Skype can close your account. So, if you perform Gay cyber sex in a cam2cam chat session, be aware that it is a prohibited practice on Skype.

So, nudity and live pornography are prohibited on Skype. too bad. However, there are still people who do gay sex chat on skype. People who do this take the risk of losing their Skype account. too bad…