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PrivateInternetAccess VPN review for adult cam chat sites

    We tested the PrivateInternetAccess VPN service with Adult websites including free sex video tubes and live sex chat websites.

    PIA chooses the VPN server with the lowest latency and suggests it to you at the top of the list of the VPN server. We are located in France and we found that the nearby VPN servers were located in the UK and Germany with a latency of 35ms to 45ms which is really good. If you want to do a 2-way webcam chat with a camgirl, low latency is important because there is always a delay between the time when you speak to the camgirl and the time when she hears you.

    PrivateInternetAccess had VPN servers in 14 locations in the USA. So, if you are located in the USA, you will always find a nearby server with low latency.

    Our test visiting Livejasmin behind PrivateInternetAccess VPN servers

    We connected our computer to several VPN servers (Uk, Germany, USA) and then we randomly entered public chat rooms of camgirls on LiveJasmin. It was really snappy when we used the VPN servers that were the closest to us. When we used to the VPN servers located in the US, the waiting time before entering a chatroom was slightly longer. It worked pretty well. We saw once a little downtime that lasted 1 second. However, don’t forget we are located in France. We think that a user located in the USA would have a better result because this user would be located closer to the PIA VPN servers located in the USA. So, there would be lower latency for a US user and also fewer hops (nodes, devices) on the network.

    Note that when we switched from one server to another, the connection shut down as we expected. This means that no data has been emitted from our real IP address by our computer.

    On the other hand, when we tried VPN unlimited from our MacOS, we saw that packets were sent from our real IP address when we switched from one server to another.

    PIA is an excellent solution to visit adult websites anonymously. This is the best solution to protect people’s privacy. Please find the video of our test below

    Important advice while using a VPN service

    When you make a payment using your credit card using a VPN, prefer choosing a VPN server located in your country of residence or use a payment method that does not require a credit card (paysafecard, neosurf, bitcoins) otherwise the payment gateway could block the current payment and any further payments. Meanwhile, you can use a VPN from any countries to chat with a camgirl. This is only the IP address of the payment that matters.