Blocked account at Streamate – the reasons

I know many people get their accounts blocked at streamate. There are two main reasons for that.

Credit card checks:

Streamate performs a lot of check-ups around the credit card account details. If the personal details of the credit card owner do not match with the information linked to the card, then the streamate account is blocked. In this case, the user has to contact the support team and change the payment details or the payment method.

VPN or proxy are not allowed at streamate:

Streamate forbid the use of VPN or a proxy. So if you first visited under your real IP address and then switched the VPN on, your account is blocked by streamate and you have to get in contact with their support team.

Lack of Credit card funds

If there aren’t enough funds on the credit card, The payment company will not be able to charge the customer and the streamate account is going to get locked.

Something to know

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