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Are there camgirls from Austria online?

    We visited camgirls chat websites to find Austrian camgirls. On camcontacts, we found a list of Austrian camgirls, but we discovered they didn’t add the german language to their description. They only spoke in english. We understood they were not real Austrian women, but they likely pretended to be from Austria.

    We faced the issue when we visited Stripchat. We spotted several camgirls with the Austrian flag in the lower right corner of their thumbnail. However, we quickly understood they were not Austrian.

    I think that those camgirls pretend to be from Austria in order to attract Austrian customers in their chat room. Imagine that an Austrian man browses the list of camgirls and see an Austrian flag, he is going to click on it. I think it is a dishonest behavior. That’s why I encourage to boycott camgirls who lie about their country of origin and choose women who display their real country of origin.