Prefer Mastercard/Visa to your bank card on camgirl sites

My bank blocked my mastercard issued by my bank several times following purchases on camgirl websites. I moved to a new bank and my new bank declined the purchases of tokens/credits on camgirls chat websites again. I understood it was time to find a solution. I ordered prepaid cards. Then, since the time I use prepaid cards to buy tokens/credits on webcam model websites, none of my prepaid cards have been blocked, suspended, or limited.

It is not normal to see banks blocking purchases on camgirl websites. Nothing justifies blocking adult website expenses. The payment processors of adult chat websites are not defrauds or phishing websites. You must be able to freely dispose of YOUR money.

Prepaid mastercard and visa cards are the best solutions to spend money on camgirl websites.

The prepaid mastercard or visa card has a hidden benefit. It allows you to spend your money anonymously. Your bank representatives will be unable to find out the reasons for your expenses after using your prepaid mastercard or visa. No one has access to your prepaid card statement.

Prepaid VISA card or Mastercard for US citizens:

Use which provides virtual visa card details. Here it how it works: you link your bank account to and you are good to go. They generate virtual visa card details. get paid thanks to merchant fees. It is free for you and anonymous.

I found a good youtube video discussing privacy around purchases from bank cards.

Prepaid MasterCard for Europe:

N26 is the the trustworthiest online bank that we are aware of. They are available to individuals living in the EU and the UK. Unlike Revolut and Wise, N26 does not have any clause against transactions related to the adult industry in its terms.

Bitsafe is also good, this Dutch company is specialized in transactions related to adult websites.


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