Best sites for private sex shows with camgirls

    LiveJasmin, Streamate, and Imlive are among the best websites to attend a live sex show in a private chat session with a camgirl on webcam. This means that the camgirl may perform a sex show using a dildo, a vibrator, a butt plug… She may rub her clitoris and get an orgasm. Meanwhile, you can tell her what to do during the sex show by asking her to choose some positions or to use the sex toys that you would like her to use. Then, enjoy the show.

    You can see the woman moaning, getting an orgasm and even squirting. You can find live sex shows with this type of sex acts at any of the websites presented below. The 3 adult websites below also allow audio and video webcam to webcam mode so that the camgirl can watch you too. However, it is optional. By default, you can type on your keyboard to chat with the camgirl that you can watch on the screen.


    camgirls of Streamate are instantly available for a sex show in private chat mode. So, you don’t need to wait. The webcam stream is in HD and the screen size is big. Streamate camgirls are Romanian, Colombian, American. Unlike Livejasmin and Imlive, Streamate has an exclusive one-to-one private chat mode which means that when you choose this mode no other guest can enter the paid chat room and chat with the camgirl.

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    Streamate camgirls for a private showw


    This website features chat rooms with HD webcam quality and great lighting. The screen is also big so that you can really enjoy the sex show of the camgirl. On LJ, camgirls are available for a private sex show right away when they are online. You just need to click on “private chat”. Most of the camgirls are from Romania, Colombia, Ukraine, and Russia. However, I never saw an American camgirl on this website.

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    When you enter a public chat room of a camgirl at Livejasmin, she is not busy performing a public sex show. Livejasmin is not a free-to-watch website. Consequently, you can bring her to a private chat whenever you want without waiting for her to finish her “public” show. When you browse the camgirls on the “live cams” page of LiveJasmin, all the camgirls with a green dot are available.

    camgirls at Livejasmin (sample)


    Imlive has the same features as Livejasmin and Streamate, except that the private sex chats of camgirls for a sex show are usually cheaper than on Livejasmin and Streamate. Also, Imlive has many girls next door cam models who connect from their apartment. This is the website of choice for those who want to attend a long private sex show in private. (A 30-minute or a 60-minute private sex show).

    Note that women on Imlive understand english less well than Livejasmin or Streamate camgirl on average.

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    Why I chose those 3 websites

    camgirls are instantly available for a live sex show on these 3 websites. They don’t perform public live sex shows just like on camgirl tipping websites. Consequently, they are instantly available for an exclusive private show to guests. You don’t need to wait for the camgirl to be free. You don’t to ask her when she will be free. Conversely, on the free-to-watch camgirl websites like chaturbate or stripchat, you may have to wait that at some point the camgirl is less busy to start a private chat and get a private show.

    Furthermore, I must mention that we face some issues ont chaturbate when we tried to get in a private show for testing purposes. Numerous times, we clicked on “start private shows” of several camgirls and nothing happened. The camgirl was either not interested in doing a private show or she was busy doing something else. On stripchat, we also face the very same issue but it was less common that On Chaturbate. On Stripchat, we felt that some camgirls were stressed during the private live sex show. They didn’t like the private chat session because they were scared to lose the customers in their public chat room during the private show.