Best VPN services for live sex chat websites

We have visited camgirls chatrooms from the major live sex chat websites through different VPN services. We have tested, compared and reviewed the VPN service quality from Hidemyass, VPN Unlimited, Torguard, PrivateInternetAccess, NordVPN, and PureVPN, ExpressVPN.

Our selection of the best VPN services for anonymously visiting live sex chats:

  1. PrivateInternetAccess: low latency for connection, low latency for browsing
  2. Torguard
  3. NordVPN: slight latency for connection, slight latency for browsing

The full review of our VPN service test for live webcam sex chats:

PrivateInternetAccess (PIA) was the VPN service with the lowest latency and the highest reliability when connecting to a camgirl website. Whatever the time of the day, the service quality is always stable, and it never freezes. The client software is easy to use and users don’t need to tune up the client before connecting to a camgirl website. The client software is lightweight and works well on MacOS, MS windows, Android.

Torguard was also pretty good even if it didn’t offer so many VPN servers all over the world. The client software is easy to use. It worked well on MacOS and MS Windows.

NordVPN was ok. I was unable to connect to some VPN servers at peak time. The NordVPN service appeared to be saturated. However, when the NordVPN servers were accessible, they were reliable. The client software works well on MacOS, MS windows, android and it is easy to use.

Our test of PrivateInternetAccess to connect to camgirl websites via a VPN

You can watch below a video of our VPN test. We installed the client of PrivateInternetAccess on a PC with MS windows 10. Then, we connected to a VPN server in India, we entered some public chat rooms of Livejasmin. We connected to a VPN server in UAE and we entered some chat rooms of Livejasmin again. We followed the same process with VPN servers in the UK and the USA. We found that the latency was pretty low taking into account that we were located in France. Also, the browsing was seamless. Our browsing didn’t suffer from any disconnections. It also never really froze.

Torguard and NordVPN are good alternatives to privateInaternetaccess for those who need more VPN servers and more countries.

The VPN services that we didn’t find satisfying

We had major freezes with VPN Unlimited on video streaming in public chatrooms. Also, when we used VPN unlimited on macOS, our real IP address appeared in clear when we switched from one VPN server to another.

With PureVPN, there was a problem with the MacOS software. It looked like it slowed down the computer. The client was loaded and active in the memory even when we didn’t use it on the Mac.

We excluded Hidemyass that we considered being bad for several reasons: First of all we didn’t have instant access to the VPN service after the Paypal payment confirmation. Then, they don’t accept Bitcoins. Then, their payment gateway sends a verification email after the payment confirmation from PayPal. They also regularly ban users who aren’t hackers.

We tried tunnelbear and some servers were very slow. The bandwidth wasn’t high enough for webcam streaming.

Important advice:

When you make a payment using your credit card using a VPN, prefer choosing a VPN server located in your country of residence or use a payment method that does not require a credit card (paysafecard, neosurf, bitcoins) otherwise the payment gateway could block the current payment and any further payments. Meanwhile, you can use a VPN from any countries to chat with a camgirl. This is only the IP address of the payment that matters.