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Your bank card was blocked after using an adult chat site? explanations & solutions

    If your mastercard or visa card got blocked after using a live sex chat website. There are several explanations to this problem:

    • False credit card details: Once, I used a bad address on livejasmin. My Livejasmin account was suspended. A program of the payment gateway checks your postal code, zip code, country sometimes. These address details have to match with your credit card. Then, they notified Livejasmin about this problem. This has been fixed when I entered the address related to my credit card.
    • Wheel of payment gateways: Once, a live sex cam website billed from different payment gateways and the issuer of my credit card (my bank) didn’t like it. My bank blocked my credit card and called me to know if I made those payments. I say yes and it was fixed.
    • Payment from another country: This is when you buy credits or tokens on a camgirl website behind a VPN service. Usually, it is better to choose a VPN server located in your country of residence to purchase credits or tokens.
    • Arbitrary behavior from your bank: Some banks block purchases of credits and tokens on adult chat websites on purpose. Don’t worry, bank support teams can’t know that you visit adult chat websites since the payment gateways of adult chats are not linked to the adult chat companies. A ban is related to other parameters. For example, the payment gateway may not be located in the same country as you and a monitoring program blocks the payment.
    • A repetitive purchase behavior: There is maybe an algorithm that triggers an alert following several withdrawals on a credit card. For example, bills the credit card of a customer several times for one chat session.

    As you understood, the payment processors and banks have many programs in place to prevent credit card fraud but they also limit your freedom to use your bank card.

    The solution

    The best solution to avoid seeing your mastercard of your visa card getting blocked is to order a prepaid mastercard or visa card. These cards are never blocked and they are good for privacy. Click below to know more.

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    The companies behind prepaid mastercard and visa cards don’t have those programs that limit the purchases.