Blocked credit card after using live sex cam site

I had my credit card blocked in several situations after using live sex cat websites:

  • Bad card owner details: I have used a bad address, and I understood the algorithm checked postal code and country. This has been fixed when I entered the address related to my credit card
  • Wheel of payment gateways: Some live sex cam websites bill from different payment gateways and the banks have a system to find it.
  • Payment from another country: it can happen, but I haven’t seen it in a while. That’s when you would use your credit card in a different country than the address related to your credit card. For sure, this issue can be fixed by using a VPN service.

All of that has been fixed by calling my bank, my credit card company & the support of the website. I have understood that automatic programs actually block the credit card without any human interaction. It can also highlight a wider problem with your bank & there is a solution for that.

Here are some solutions to avoid your main bank card being blocked: