Which camgirl sites have a real one-to-one chat mode

    We found that not all camgirl chat websites had an exclusive one-to-one mode with 2 persons in the chat room, the guest and the cam model. On those websites, it is possible that other people enter the chat room and listen to the voice of the camgirl in the chat room. In fact, if the cam model has no headphones, it is possible that she listens to the guest via her speakers. In this case, other people who enter the chat room can hear what the guest says

    . This is a theoretical situation. Let’s see what happens in reality. Before we start, I want to mention that whatever the situation, other guests aren’t able to watch your webcam video feed and listen to your webcam audio feed if the camgirl uses headphones to listen to you in a private chat.


    The private chat mode on Stripchat is an exclusive one-to-one chat mode by default meaning that nobody else can see the text of the chat whatever the private chat option you choose. In other words, Stripchat management team considers that a private chat should only be intimate and private. Also, even if other members can spy on the camgirl in the private chat mode, there can’t chat with her as long as you are in the chat.

    When you choose cam2cam, no other guests can spy on the camgirl.

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    The private chat interface is similar to this screenshot at Stripchat


    This website has a real exclusive chat mode. this site has a real “private one2one session” mode. When you choose the one2one mode, you prevent other guests to enter the chat room. This means that you can freely talk to the camgirl without fearing to be spied by other people. conversely, in the “open session” mode other guests can spy on the audio chat and interact with the camgirl by text.

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    This website has a real exclusive chat mode. When you go private and when you choose the exclusive mode, no other guest can enter the chat room. Don’t forget that if you choose a block session (a package for a certain chat duration), you should also choose exclusive.

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    This website has few camgirls but it allows members to chat with a camgirl on Skype. Consequently, A Skype chat is a real one-to-one chat.

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    On Livejasmin, cam models have the option to lock the chat room and prevent other people to get in. However, they may also decide to let the chat room open even if a guest chats in private with her. Usually, an experienced Livejasmin camgirl turns the chat room into an exclusive chatroom (locked) to prevent other people to get in. That’s why you see a message saying something like “the host is in an exclusive chat” when you click on “take a peek for 1 credit”. On the other hand, when you can spy on the chat it means that the cam model didn’t turn the chat room into an exclusive chat room.

    If the chat room is not in an exclusive mode, other people can text chat with the cam model while you are chatting with her. However, other guests can’t see your text. Other guests aren’t plug to your audio feed. They only hear what happens in the room of the camgirl.


    Imlive has the same private chat mode functions than Livejasmin. A camgirl has the option to let the chat session open or lock it to prevent other guests to spy on the main guest who activated its audio. Once again, if she does not lock the chat room other people can get in and text chat with her. However, they can’t read your text. Other guests aren’t plug to your audio feed. They only hear what happens in the room of the camgirl.