Cam4 vs Livejasmin comparison

Cam4 and Livejasmin are both camgirl websites. However, there are very different from each other. Cam4 is primarily made for people who want to tip a camgirl and get a live sex show even though it is also possible to go for a live sex show in a private chat room. There is no live sex show in free chat rooms of LiveJasmin. On Cam4, you can get a live sex show in the public chat room. Some camgirls of cam4 wear a lovense lush which vibrates when someone sends tokens to a camgirl. This is not the case on LiveJasmin.

camgirl service quality

I used Livejasmin and I took for granted every feature that Livejasmin website could offer. After reviewing cam4, I discovered that Livejasmin camgirls provided a high-quality service.

First, when, you click on the “private chat” button of LiveJasmin, you never wait whatever the camgirl. On cam4, the camgirl may make you wait for several minutes before accepting the request, or she may not accept the request at all.

Then, in a private chat, most of the time, Livejasmin camgirls quickly answer your requests. Livejasmin camgirls are more motivated to communicate with you than cam4 camgirls overall. Also, Livejasmin camgirls are professional. They are quick to answer your request. For example, if you ask them to sit in a particular position, most of the time, they do it faster than a cam4 camgirl would do.

Also, some cam4 camgirls never show their face even in a private chat room. On the other, 100% of Livejasmin camgirls show their face in a private chat session.

On top of that, some cam4 camgirls stay online only 15 minutes, and then leave the website.

On cam4, we noticed that sometimes when we entered a chat room, the room was empty. This is something we never saw on Livejasmin.

Private chat service, Livejasmin beats cam4 by far

First, there is no cam2cam / 2-way audio chat on cam4 while these features work really well on Livejasmin.

Some camgirls of cam4 limit the private chat to 5, 10 or 15 minutes while there aren’t limits on Livejasmin.

We often saw black screen flashes on cam4 during a private chat. I guess this was because camgirls of cam4 didn’t have a fast internet connection. This is not the case on Livejasmin.

Livejasmin is cheaper than cam4 for private chats

We compared the prices per minute of Livejasmin camgirls and Cam4 camgirls and concluded that cam4 camgirls were more expensive than livejasmin camgirls. However, there is no cam2cam feature at cam4 and the video quality at cam4 is lower than what you can find at Livejasmin.


Cam4 is perfect for those with a small budget who would like to tip camgirls from time to time in a public chat room to watch a live sex show. However, I strongly recommend avoiding the private chat feature of cam4 for a private chat session. If you are looking for a private chat and a private sex show with a camgirl, better visit LiveJasmin.

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