Camcontacts vs Stripchat comparison

Those two websites have their advantages and disadvantages.

Public chat rooms

Camcontacts has no public chat rooms. Stripchat allows a user to visit the public chat room of every camgirl.

On stripchat, you can attend a live sex show for free. It is not the case on camcontacts. Also, on stripchat, you can tip a camgirl to see a given live sex show depending on the profile description of the camgirl. All those features are not available on camcontacts.
These facts seem to prove that Stripchat is always better than camcontacts but it is not always the case.

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Private chat rooms

We found that both camcontacts and Stripchat featured Ukrainian women who worked as a camgirl. Stripchat and camcontacts have similar Ukrainian camgirls. They are in their early twenties and have a slender body. They have long legs and long hair.

So, we compared the price-per-minute of similarly looking camgirls. We found that on Stripchat some camgirls could set a high price per minute for a private chat session. It can be as high as 10 euros per minute for a private webcam chat. On camcontacts, it is rare to see a price-per-minute exceeding 4 euros per minute. On average, camcontacts is cheaper than Stripchat for a private chat.

When a stripchat camgirl price exceeds 44 tokens per minute for a cam2cam private chat, it is more expensive than 90% of camcontacts camgirls.

Meanwhile, we know that many Ukrainian camgirls don’t speak English well. Many Ukrainian camgirls of Stripchat and camcontacts are unable to have an audio chat due to their low English proficiency. publishes the rating of a camgirl (with a maximum of 5 stars). On the other hand, Stripchat does not publish any ratings.

Some Stripchat camgirls don’t accept to go for a private chat. They are busy chatting or performing a live sex show. On the other hand, camcontacts camgirls are often available for a private chat.

some camcontacts camgirls
Some Camcontacts camgirls