Price comparison of private camgirl chats

Table of the average price-per-minute for a private webcam chat session with a camgirl:

We checked the price per minute of the 10 first webcam models on Imlive, camcontacts, LiveJasmin, streamate, myfreecams, stripchat, chaturbate. We calculated this average price in US dollars. The following table is for a private chat including a 2-way audio & video chat except for chaturbate & cam4 (no Cam2Cam, text chat only). Prices were updated on the 26th of February 2020.

From the cheapest to the most expensive

camgirl WebsiteAverage Price per minute for a private chat with a camgirl$1.85$2.88$3.11$3.47$5.44$5.45 (no cam2cam feature)$7.04$7.69

Price Analysis of private chats from cheapest to most expensive:

This website features few camgirls but it is a good website. The soulcams private chat sessions are among the cheapest among camgirl websites. Keep in mind that for this price, the camgirl may only text chat, and she may not understand english so well.

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Camcontacts is one of the websites that features the cheapest camgirls for a private chat session on the internet. If you click on “new cams” in the search chat host form, you can find camgirls as cheap as $1.20 per minute for a private chat session. However, one slight note of caution, the cheap camgirls on camcontacts don’t understand English well as they come from Russia and Ukraine. Many camgirls use google translate during private chat sessions.

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There is no huge price difference between the cheapest and the most expensive camgirls at Livejasmin. The English proficiency of Livejasmin camgirls has increased those last years so that it makes Livejasmin a good option to have an audio chat session in plain english. Livejasmin camgirls are instantly available for a private show after you click the button to enter the private chat mode.

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When we calculated the average price of Imlive camgirls, we only took the regular rate. However, it is possible to get discounted 30-minute and 45-minute chat session, which would lower the average price of Imlive camgirls. Also, Some Imlive camgirls provide discount codes to lower their price. On top of that, 1 Imlive credit is equal to around 1 unit of currency (dollars, euros).

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In 2019, we observed a big rise in the price per minute of streamate camgirls. This increased the price average on this website. This can be justified by the webcam in HD, a stunning body and the good english proficiency. However, some streamate camgirls set a price above $6 per minute now. I think that it is too much. Many Streamate camgirls moved to Golden shows (group shows) because men don’t want to spend so much money for a private chat. Take the time to check the price-per-minute before entering a private chat session.

Note that our price average included private chat sessions; not exclusive chat sessions which are more expensive than private chat sessions. In a private chat mode, other customers can spy on the camgirl webcam feed, but they can’t read your text messages. Streamate has also discounted private chat sessions which could lower the average price. However, not every camgirl offers discounted block sessions. Streamate features a daily spending limit so that whatever the price of the camgirl chat, it helps you to keep control of your budget since you can’t enter a private chat during 24 hours after reaching your daily spending limit.

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The MFC price is unique: 60 tokens. In other words, there is no bad surprise at MFC. You buy your credits, you spend 60 tokens per minute in a private chat. This means that some camgirls from other sites like streamate, stripchat and chaturbate are more expensive than MFC camgirls. Taking into account that Myfreecams offers the highest number of camgirls with a very good understanding of English.


On chaturbate, a private chat is only a text chat. Note that cam2cam is not a default feature of chaturbate. Some prices-per-minute can be really high. We spotted a camgirl with a rate of $13.5 per minute. High rates of Chaturbate camgirls aren’t the website’s fault, some camgirls on Chaturbate chose to set a high price, and this increases the average price of chaturbate private chats. Some camgirls do it on purpose thinking that if they go private, they will lose members in the public chat room who could tip her.

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The rates of stripchat camgirl private chats are really heterogeneous. They may range from 8 tokens (Less than $0.90 per minute) to 150 tokens (around $14 per minute). It is due to the fact that some camgirls set a high price per minute on purpose. They think that if they go private, members who are in the public chat room will leave during a private chat. camgirls are convinced that those members who left the public chat room could have tipped. That’s why they set high price per minute on purpose to compensate this alleged loss of earnings. We think that camgirls are wrong. The vast majority of members in public chat room never tip camgirls.

I think that a reasonable price-per minute is 32 tokens ($3) or 44 tokens ($4) maximum.

You can also find camgirls with private webcam chat for less than $1 per minute (8 tokens). So, there are good bargains at stripchat. However, it comes with a twist because the cheapest camgirls may not speak English very well, and they may use a website to translate your sentences. This means that for this price you would need to type on your keyboard to send messages and receive the answer by text.

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We removed cam4 from the ranking for several reasons. First, we were unable to make the cam2cam work on cam4. Secondly, some camgirls on cam4 don’t speak english.