Dating Russian women thanks to camgirl websites

I don’t know if many men know that it is possible to use camgirl websites as online dating websites to date beautiful Russian women.

The camgirl site “camcontacts”:

Camcontacts is a camgirl website where it is possible to filter camgirls by country of origin. has several categories of chat rooms. One is called “long-term and marriage”, another one is called “glamour”. Those chat rooms are not sexual. Those chat room categories are perfect for those who want ot a date a Russian woman.

Today, is the most reliable camgirl website to find Russian women online and chat in a private 2-way chat session. The country of origin is not mentioned on camgirl websites like livejasmin, imlive.

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Strawberryflavo a camgirl from St Petersburg

Be indulgent because many Russian women don’t speak English well as Russia is one of the countries in Europe with the lowest level of English. It is better to type rather than to talk because many Russian women don’t understand what you say. This is also why it is recommended to translate what you want to say in Russian using google translate or yandex. Split your screen in two or use two screens, one of the webcam chat and one for the translation. Anyways, if you would join a Russian dating agency, the problem would remain. If you would fly to Russia, you would have to hire a human translator to interact with local women. A minority of Russian women speak English. According to my observations, the most interesting Russian women are the ones who barely speak English or don’t speak English.

Furthermore, many “camcontacts” camgirls don’t work for a studio. They connect from home. This means they are not influenced by a studio team who encourage them to act in a certain way (role-play). In other words, they are natural. To check whether a Russian camgirl connects from home, look at the background behind her during a webcam chat. You will see personal items, a little lighting and it will be small. Conversely, studios provide professional lighting, rooms with colorful & luxurious decoration.

To find all the camgirls from Russia on camcontacts, click on “search chat hosts” then click on “language and background” and then click on “country” and choose Russia. You will get a list of all the camgirls from Russia from all the camcontacts categories.

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Results of Russian camgirls on

Enter private chat room of a camgirl and start chatting. You will find that different personalities can be found. I do encourage you to leave chat rooms when you are not satisfied. Be choosy. Take the time to select what you consider the best women to date. You will find that some women aren’t openminded and don’t want to talk. You will also find nice and sweet women. It takes time to find quality women on