A rant against bad unprofessional camgirls in private chats

As we reviewed camgirl websites, we found that there are still today a significant amount of unprofessional camgirls online. First, I would like to say that most of the time, bad unprofessional camgirls come from Eastern Europe; especially Ukraine and Romania to a lesser extent. In the examples that I will give below, I do encourage you to leave the private chat room session without saying a word.

They don’t want to chat

Usually, the bad camgirls opt for a text chat. They answer slowly to a user question or request. So, at first, I thought it was a problem of language barrier. I started to use a translation software with Ukrainian and Russian camgirls. However, I discovered that those women were still slow answering in their native language.

Those women act if the chat session was a free chat session. They don’t understand that they are service providers.

They leave their seat

Sometimes, some camgirls leave their seat and go somewhere for 1 or 2 minutes without hurrying up or asking you. If it happens to you, you should leave right away because it is a paid chat. They are many other available camgirls on these websites. If a woman should do something, she should excuse herself and tell you why she has to stand up and go somewhere out of camera range. Sometimes, it is justified if the camgirl goes to get accessories but most of the time it is not the case. A camgirl can’t behave as if she was home chit-chatting on whatsapp, facebook messenger or skype with a friend.

Some camgirls are busy doing something else

Sometimes, some camgirls spend their time texting somebody on their cellphone. When it is 2:00 or 3:00 am I don’t think there is something more important than your customer. So, if you see that a camgirl is sending a text in a paid private chat room, leave right away. You pay for the private chat, and she should not do anything else than being at your service.

I saw that some women were busy to do something in their kitchen as if I were one of their friends visiting them to take a coffee. I like to repeat that camgirl website users are not friends, they are customers. I don’t think it is respectful to the customer when a camgirl prepares herself a coffee during a private chat session. I don’t think it is acceptable when a woman rolls a cigarette and light it up without asking you.

The more customer are going to be choosy and the better the camgirl service quality is going to be.

They simultaneously chat with 3 men

Some camgirls use a cam splitter software to be able to broadcast their webcam on several websites at the same time. Because of this behavior, the webcam video quality is deplorable. It is choppy. Sometimes, the video freezes. Those greedy women try to text chat with as many men as they can. So, when you see that the video quality of a webcam chat is not good, leave the chat session right away. Don’t pay for nothing. If it is not the camgirl’s fault, it is too bad for her.

They don’t learn english

When you work as a camgirl, you must learn English. I talked to several Eastern European camgirls from Ukraine who worked for 1 to 2 years and didn’t learn English. They could not chat in an audio conversation. I think that if a woman uses a translation website, she should charge less than $1 per minute.

Camgirl websites with the smallest number of unprofessional camgirls

I think that Livejasmin is the website with the smallest number of unprofessional camgirls. Livejasmin is the website where I witnessed no occurrences of what I have described above. This is due to the fact that Livejasmin implemented many rules that camgirls have to follow to provide a good quality service.

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For instance, Livejasmin implemented the “exclusive models” meaning that exclusive camgirls can’t be simultaneously online on different websites at the same time. Also, In the main category, all camgirls speak and understand english pretty well.