Money Gift: A camgirl scam

Some camgirl websites feature the option to send gifts to camgirls. Whatever the name of those gifts, they are actually money gifts.

The scam involves promising something in exchange for a money gift. After the customer has paid, the camgirl doesn’t deliver what was agreed.

The promise of making a video

This is the situation in which a camgirl promises a custom video if you send her a certain number of tokens/credits. Some of them don’t set up a price because they know that users are ready to pay a lot of money for such camgirl video. For example, she may say she will deliver a porn video to the user.

However, The camgirl never delivers the video after she received the money gift.

Buying a sex toy

The camgirl pretends that she will buy a sex toy or any accessories in exchange for tokens/credits. However, she does not buy anything. For example, she may tell the customer that she wants to buy a dildo, but she never buys the dildo.

Purchase of flight tickets

She may promise she will buy flight tickets to meet you in your city. However, she vanishes after you send her money to buy flight tickets.

What to do?

Don’t accept any deals in a private webcam chat session. Stop to send her money, if you already started. A problem arises when you send a significant amount of money online and get nothing in return. The bigger the promise, the bigger the scam and the more money you will lose. So, don’t be scared to stop interacting with a woman who promised a lot without giving anything in return.

If a camgirl asks to send her a money gift while you are already paying in a private chat session, she is obviously a gold digger and you should stop to interact with her.

For your information, Livejasmin warns model about it. In their wiki for models they say, I quote: “The best way to earn money and keep your customers in your room is a quality private show.  Asking members for additional money might be considered as a pushy and offensive sign in their eyes.”

So, I guess that on livejasmin, you will be less pressured to send a money gift.

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