How does the online strip game strip Hilo work?

First of all, you must join which is the adult webcam chat website that allows you to play strip hilo. Then, you must find an online cam girl that plays Strip Hilo in the strip Hilo category.

Then, you get in a paid webcam chat by clicking on Strip Hilo (see below)

Then, You will see the cam girl in the window screen and you can chat with her. On the right side, you will see two sets of playing cards, one for you and one for the cam girl. 

The deck is made of the regular 52 playing cards. At every round, the system draws a playing card. You have to guess whether the playing card will be higher or lower in rank compared to the previous playing card.

Example of a strip hilo game

let’s take the example of the screenshot above. The system first drew an “8” at the very beginning when the user entered the private chat. the user guessed that the next playing card will be higher than the 8. The user clicked on the “higher” button. Then during the first round, the system drew a “King”. Consequently, the user won since the king is higher than the 8 in the regular 52 playing cards deck. On the other hand, when it was the turn of the cam girl, she also pressed the “higher” button, the system randomly drew a playing card and it was a “9.” Unfortunately for her, the 9 is lower than the 10 and she lost. Thus, she had to remove a piece of clothing. Then, there is a new round until there are no clothes left to remove. At the end, you may continue chatting with the cam girl or play again.

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