How to fix echo during a webcam chat session with a camgirl?

It is common to hear echoes in a 2-way audio chat session on an adult webcam website with a camgirl followed by an unpleasant feedback effect. I have noticed this problem on Livejasmin, Streamate, camcontacts, Imlive and Chaturbate.

Here is how to stop the echo on your side:

No smartphone headphones

First of all, don’t use you smartphone headphones. I have found that the microphone of the smartphone headphones used to pick the audio from earplugs. If you hear an echo of your voice during a webcam chat session, it means there is a problem. The cheapest solution, in this case, would be to use the microphone of your computer with mic-less headphones with a mini jack with two stripes; not 3 stripes like on the picture on the right.

Nevertheless, if you stay away from the computer, the microphone will not pick-up your voice. For example, your laptop may lie on a table and after standing up your voice isn’t picked up anymore.

A good classic headset prevents this issue even if it’s not sexy! The microphone of the headset is always away from the headphones so that the headset microphone never picks the audio from headphones.

Then, you can also buy a Bluetooth headset and say goodbye to the cables. Nevertheless, today, there is nothing more reliable than a wired headset. I would recommend you to take a look at Amazon because they have a large choice of headsets. Note that you can buy a headset with a different connector: 3.5mm jack (minijack, USB-A connection, USB-C connector. The USB-A and the USB-C connectors don’t use the drivers of your laptop or your desktop. It is a great thing if you think that the problem comes from your audio chipset/drivers. Normally, when you plug a USB headset into your laptop, The audio settings automatically switch to your headset input/output. So, you don’t have anything to set up or to pair. You are ready to go without echoes.