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Be cautious on camgirl websites

    Don’t tell your name

    In the past, I have asked Livejasmin to provide me with the data they stored about me. To my surprise, they never stored my name. However, there were the list of all text messages of all conversations. I have discovered that once I told my real full name to a livejasmin camgirl. In other words, I was the one to blame because I typed my name during a conversation. I wasn’t forced to disclose my name to use livejasmin.

    You never know what people can do when they know your name. Because of the internet, we are all public figures now. So, I would suggest to change your name when you interact with camgirls online. For sure, you can still type your real name when you buy credits/tokens online. Whatever the camgirl website, when you share your identity on a payment gateway, it is not transmitted to the camgirl website itself. The name are just linked to your payment method the payment amount in the database of the payment gateway.

    Coming back to the camgirls, they are first ones to change their name when working as camgirls. They don’t share their real first name.

    Your location

    Many camgirls don’t tell their real country of residence. For example, on Streamate, many camgirls pretend to be from Latvia or Estonia while they are actually from Russia or Ukraine. Just like for the first name, you aren’t forced to give your real country of residence.

    Once a camgirl was honest to me and said: “you know, it is the internet and everyone lies about the country and name here.” So, in other words, camgirls are the first to lie about their identity, their first name. It is a general problem of the internet. People also make up stories on social medias too.

    Be cautious about what you say online

    I know that the visitors of are concerned about their safety when they visit a camgirl website. They wonder if Livejasmin, Streamate, Camacontacts, Soulcams, Imlive, chaturbate, stripchat, camsoda are safe.

    In fact, adult chat websites are the safest in the camming eco-system. Those websites do everything to avoid a bad buzz and they succeed. So, the danger does not come from the website but it comes from camgirls.

    You should be be cautious when you disclose personal information to a camgirl. You never know the consequences of sharing your information with a stranger. If you talk about your relationship problems, there is no risk.

    On the other hand, if you talk about your money, your legal problems, your business, your public activities, your assets, you don’t know how your interlocutor can use this information in the future. Think about it.

    To stay on the safe side, I would encourage you to think about what you will say to a camgirl about your life before starting a private chat session.