Is Livejasmin safe for your privacy and anonymity?

1. I asked Livejasmin to send me all the data they kept about me – Here is the result

Since I am a Livejasmin user, I asked Livejasmin to send me my user data. I received the following email:

Then, the downloaded zip file contained my profile data, my conversation history, the IP address that I used when I subscribed to Livejasmin. To my surprise, my first name, my last name, my address was nowhere to be seen. Livejasmin do not held notes about my sexual preferences or my sexual fetishes. In other words, Livejasmin employees don’t spy on user chats to gather sexual information about them.

When Livejasmin sent me this information, it helped me to understand that I could be responsible for disclosing personal information about me. I was sometimes too talkative in the conversations. I told a camgirl my real first name once. It was my mistake, and I was the only one to be accountable for this breach of my anonymity.

These webcam models must follow Livejasmin rules. For example, they can’t be disrespectful with the Livejasmin users. Thus, I have noticed that troublemakers were kicked out of Livejasmin. I saw that some livejasmin webcam models who infringed Livejasmin rules were excluded and moved to Streamate.

They also collect, any information you communicate to and/or share with Models on the site, such as the messages you send in private chat or during live shows. To me, LiveJasmin is a serious business. They comply with all the legal frameworks of their jurisdictions where they operate. For instance, Livejasmin have implemented the GRDP laws from the EU.

We have used Livejasmin for a long time. We never experienced any leak of personal details coming from Livejasmin. In other words, we never found videos of our video stream on the internet, or messages that we sent to camgirls.

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2. Livejasmin neither records your webcam nor your microphone feed in a private chat session

This rule of Livejasmin is written in the privacy policy of Livejasmin. It says:

In case you turn on your camera or microphone in private chat, we never record or keep in any way your camera feed or audio. We also do not allow Models to record or capture your camera or audio feeds during private shows. Such action is prohibited on our site.


3. Payment details and Livejasmin

Livejasmin ensures that the data of users are private. Livejasmin doesn’t collect any payment details. Those details are processed by payment gateways. And payment gateways don’t exactly know why you make these payments. So, in the data that Livejasmin sent me there was no credit card details or bank details.

4. LJ camgirls aren’t allowed to record you

Livejasmin doesn’t allow camgirls to record or capture your personal camera or audio feeds during private shows. Such actions are prohibited by the terms of LiveJasmin. Regarding your profile information, the only thing a camgirl can see is your username. She can’t see your real name, your address, your location, your IP address.

5. Studios aren’t allowed to record you

On LiveJasmin, most of the camgirls work for a studio. The studios have an agreement in place with LiveJasmin. The terms of Livejasmin prohibit studios to record the webcam feed of Livejasmin customers. No Livejasmin user was ever blackmailed by a studio. Additionally, these studios are companies that comply with the law of their country.

6. Your cam/mic aren’t activated by default in a private chat session.

When you enter the private chat room of a camgirl, liveJasmin does not activate your microphone or your webcam automatically. The default mode of a private chat session is the text chat mode. Then, you may decide to activate your microphone by clicking on the microphone icon. You can also decide to activate your webcam by clicking on the webcam icon. Livejasmin does not trick you.


I confirm that Livejasmin is serious and safe. In fact, after reviewing numerous websites, I can tell you that is one of the safest camgirl websites for privacy and anonymity.

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