Is Livejasmin safe?

First of all, LiveJasmin uses HTTPS. This means that all the data between the users and LiveJasmin are encrypted. No-one can hack a user and spy on a user between the client and the LiveJasmin server.

User data safety

Then, we use Livejasmin for a long time too. We never experienced any leak of personal details online coming from Livejasmin. In other words, we never found videos of our video stream on the internet, or messages that we sent to camgirls.


Livejasmin ensures that the data of users are private. Livejasmin doesn’t collect any payment details. Those details are processed by third parties. LiveJasmin does not collect your address. Nevertheless, they collect the data you transmit to camgirls.

They also collect, any information you communicate to and/or share with Models on the site, such as the messages you send in private chat or during live shows. To me, LiveJasmin is a serious business. They comply with all the legal frameworks of their jurisdictions where they operate. For instance, they have implemented the GRDP laws from the EU. Livejasmin uses the collected information to improve their services, gather information for payment and accounting, for marketing, to personalize your content,  to prevent fraud and comply with legal requirements.

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LJ camgirls obligations

Livejasmin doesn’t allow camgirls to record or capture your personal camera or audio feeds during private shows. Such actions are prohibited on LiveJasmin. Regarding your profile information, by default, the only data element visible to the cam model is your username. We never heard any stories where a customer would have been blackmailed by a camgirl.


At LiveJasmin, most of the camgirls work for a studio. The studios have an agreement in place with LiveJasmin. Consequently, they don’t record your webcam while you interact with a camgirl. We never heard any stories of users who could have been blackmailed by studios. Those studios (mainly in Romania) are companies that comply with the law of their country.

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