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Livejasmin mobile app for users (Installation, tips, Review)

    How to install the Livejasmin mobile app for users for android?

    Link to the Livejasmin mobile app apk

    update March 2023: This application is not maintained by the livejasmin development team and may not work on recent android versions.

    To download the livejasmin mobile application for Android, first you must activate the option for downloading the livejasmin app from rather than the play store as the play store prohibits erotic applications. usually, this option is called “trust unknown sources” and it is located in the “security” category of your Android phone settings.

    Once you activated this option, go to the in a browser, open the navigation menu, scroll down and download the application.

    We discovered that there are major differences whether you use a browser or the LiveJasmin app when chatting with camgirls.

    If Audio chat or cam2cam via the Livejasmin mobile phone does not work

    The application requires access rights to the webcam and the microphone of your smartphone. So, if the Livejasmin app can’t access your microphone or your smartphone, disable and activate the LJ app access to your webcam and microphone. (See more)

    Chat modes via the livejasmin mobile app

    Screen capture of the Livejasmin mobile application
    Livejasmin mobile app screen capture

    You may chat by audio to a camgirl in a private chat session on Livejasmin, you just have to tap on the icon looking like a microphone. In this mode the camera of your smartphone is not activated. The camgirl will not see you.

    You can also have a cam2cam chat with a camgirl if you tap on the icon looking like a webcam on the screen. In this case, the camgirl will be able to see you and hear you.

    These modes are also available from the mobile version of Livejasmin on a mobile browser like Chrome, Safari…

    Prefilled login

    If you use Chrome on your iPhone or your Android phone and if you are logged in, your username and password will be automatically filled up so that you will be able to log in quickly in LiveJasmin.

    Shortcut to on your home screen

    If you are unable to use the Livejasmin mobile app, you can create a shortcut to Livejasmin on your app menu. To do so, open chrome, go to, tap on the three dots in the high right corner. Look for “Add to home screen” and that’s it. You will be prompted to enter a name for this app. You can call it “LJ”.


    What are the benefits of the Livejasmin app vs visiting livejasmin via the browser of your mobile phone?

    • You don’t need to log in
    • The livejasmin mobile app sends you a notification on your smartphone as soon as you receive a message from a camgirl in your Livejasmin inbox.
    • You easily get direct access to Livejasmin from the home screen of your smartphone.


    Prices per minute are the same on the mobile Livejasmin application and on the desktop version of We visited several chat rooms and found the user experience was seamless. You can scroll the camgirl categories to the right at the top of the Livejasmin page. However, we didn’t find all categories that are displayed on the desktop version of livejasmin. For example, you cannot filter camgirls by price range, willingness or age.