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May working as a camgirl affect your reputation?

    You’d like to be a camgirl, but you’re wondering if your reputation wouldn’t be affected.

    To show you that there is no risk to your reputation, your family life or sentimental life, I will compare the situation of a camgirl with the porn star situation. Keep in mind that the camgirl job has nothing to do with the profession of pornographic actress.


    When a pornographic actress is featured in a movie, the movie is promoted on many media (magazines, posters, DVDs, TV, internet…) for many years. On the other hand, the promotion of a camgirl is only confined to the camgirl website. An internet page can be easily deleted. A link to a page can also be easily deleted. When a person has a poster, magazine or DVD, it leaves an “indelible” mark.

    After the career of a camgirl

    We noticed that once a camgirl ended her career, No footprints are left on the web. Adult chat websites do not use videos and images of camgirls who worked on a website in the past. When a camgirl decides to delete her account, her profile is deleted and all photos or videos are deleted. There is no evidence of her career as a camgirl on the internet.

    On the other hand, porn production companies use the images and videos of porn actresses for many years after she retired. After the end of a porn actress’ career, a production company can promote a former porn star on their website, free porn sites like xvideos or pornhub, magazines…

    Opportunity to block visitors from your country

    All adult webcam chat sites allow camgirls to block visitors from their country of residence. For example, let’s say you live in France and work as a camgirl on Stripchat. You can block all visitors from France. That is, Internet users in France will not be able to see your profile and enter your chat room. Keep in mind that most adult chat site customers come from the United States. .

    Stolen content on the net? No problem!

    One can imagine that some unscrupulous people could record a camgirl without her knowing it and share the video on a free porn video site. It’s not common. There are several answers to this problem. First, most major free porn sites like youporn, xvideos, pornhub agree to delete videos on demand.

    If the website in question refuses to remove the content, it is not a problem still. Your name is not linked to your camgirl nickname. There are so many new camgirls every day so that after some years, your video will be unlikely to be found as many new videos from new camgirls are added to a website. As time goes by, your footprints fade away. After several years, nothing is left.

    My opinion

    I have been writing articles about camgirls since 2012. I can’t remember the camgirls who have deleted their accounts since 2012. I tested on google image looking for camgirls of the past by their nickname. I did not find a single one.

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