Microphone volume getting too high during chat with cam girl

We discovered an issue. As we were in a cam2cam private chat using Livejasmin, windows 10 kept adjusting the microphone volume until the maximum so that the camgirl could not understand what I said. The sound saturated.

We found that this problem was related to a driver that was installed. So, it is important to find a different audio driver. You may also have an additional audio program in the control panel of windows that automatically adjust the volume of your microphone. In this case, you should disable all the features of this program.

Then, shut the browser that you used for the cam2cam and open it again. Test your microphone using onlinemictest while on “level” tab of the input device. This time the volume should not increased on its own.

Unfortunately, this may continue to be a problem. In this case, there is no other solutions than buying a USB headset.

A headset fix many problems. It prevents echo during a cam-to-cam chat session and also, it ensures that the cam girl would hear you well. The microphone is on the headset so that when you move, it is not going to generate noises.