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Do you prefer camgirls with fake big boobs, natural small breasts, fake big lips, natural lips?

    We created two polls on our facebook page to know whether users preferred camgirls with big fake lips or natural lips, big fake breasts or small natural breasts. You can vote on our facebook page.

    See the actual results of our polls below:

    Do you prefer camgirls who underwent plastic surgery to have big silicone breasts? POLL from r/adultwebcam

    I noticed that there were many camgirls who decided to undergo plastic surgery thinking they would attract more guests. However, I don’t think it is the case. The poll shows that many men are interested in women without plastic surgery.

    On top of that, the men who are into big fake breasts and big fake lips may not be customers of adult chat websites meaning they may not be the ones who physically buy products and services on adult chat websites.