Best websites for a real 1-to-1 chat with a camgirl

Several camgirls websites have a private chat option. However, sometimes, on some websites we discovered that other users could enter the private chat room of a camgirl. When it happened, we understood that the camgirl gave us less attention. Once, we saw a camgirl standing up without us asking her. This happened because someone else asked her. Sometimes, she can spend her time answering somebody by typing on her keyboard and you must wait for her to finish. Also, if her speakers are turned on, sometimes, other people can hear what we say if we audio chat. It is a major problem for your anonymity. So, we looked for the camgirls websites that offered a real private chat session where nobody can spy on the private chat session with a camgirl.


This camgirl website has two private chat mode.

the first one allows you to chat with a camgirl by text. Other members can spy on the show and listen to what happens in the chatroom.

The second one called “exclusive” allows you to chat with a camgirl in cam2cam mode. In this latter mode, no other stripchat members can enter the private chat session. This means that the room is locked once you enter the exclusive private chat session. So, we encourage you to choose the exclusive private chat mode of Stripchat if you are looking for a real exclusive one-to-one. The exclusive chat mode of Stripchat is great for your anonymity, your privacy and your intimacy.

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hot brunette camgirl types on keyboard


Streamate has an exclusive mode. Just like on Stripchat, when you enter an exclusive chat session, no other streamate members can get in the chat room. You can turn on your webcam and audio chat with a camgirl, no one else can spy on you. the exclusive chat mode of Streamate can be pricey but it is a real one-to-one. Consequently, The exclusive chat mode of Streamate is really great for your privacy, anonymity and intimacy.

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