The best & the worst browsers for live sex chat websites

We have tested several browsers and several camgirl websites like,, and camcontacts. We have found that some browsers worked better than others. Whatever the platform (Mac or PC), the results were the same. We found out that it is better to open a browser without opened tabs to face the smallest amount of issues.

The best browsers for PC:

  • Opera: It is a lightweight browser. You should click on websites in the settings and authorize to use Adobe Flash.
  • Firefox: it works with every live sex chat website.
  • Microsoft Edge: Edge is not a chromium based browser. On the other hand, Opera, Brave and chrome shares the same engine. Microsoft Edge can be a good alternative. For instance, using streamate, we found that Edge still used Adobe Flash.
  • Brave: A very light browser for PC.

All the webcam sex chat websites worked the best with the Opera and Brave browsers.

The worst browsers for PC:

  • Firefox: We found that our webcam was choppy on our side, just like a script would slow down Firefox. The fan was spinning fast as well.
  • Google Chrome: Sometimes, when we decided to go to a private chatroom, google chrome froze and there was nothing we could do. For instance, the google chrome tab froze on LiveJasmin.
  • Safari: We faced big problems using Streamate with Safari on Mac. The streaming video froze on streamate and the problem was related to Safari.

The best browsers for Mac:

  • Safari: Not so long ago, it was a mess but now it is really stable to use Safari on Mac. Safari is not a chromium browser like Chrome, Opera, Brave. Safari is an independent browser.
  • Opera: Even if it is a chromium browser, it is the only alternative to Safari. Opera is very lightweight and the cam girl websites are faster using Opera.
  • Brave: A very light browser for MacOS.

The worst browsers for Mac:

  • Chrome: Chrome is sometimes unresponsive when we use camgirl sites.
  • Firefox: For some reasons, CPU resources are high using firefox.

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