Tips for making money as an independent camgirl


You need a fiber optic or cable internet connection or you won’t have enough bandwidth to provide quality streaming video. Don’t broadcast via your mobile phone, the network is not always reliable. You may suffer from many disconnections if you connect from a mobile phone.


A protograph projector.

You need a webcam that provides HD-quality resolution. You can find them on amazon for 20 to 100 euros/dollars. Never use the ceiling lamp to illuminate your scattering room. The best solution would be to use photographer spotlights which you will place in front of you behind the webcam. Behind you, you can turn on a bedside lamp as an ambient light.


Some songs may be good to target your audience. American songs attract American customers.


Greet the nicknames of the people who enter your public chat room. This way, the visitor will feel that you want to interact with users. If a user comes by and hear that you are speaking to him, it will encourage him to enter your private chat room or send you tokens.

Exhibit your accessories:

If you have accessories like, high heels, sex toys, don’t hide them. This will also attract people. Expose them behind you. This will give users a conversation subject and a reason for users to enter a paid private chat session.

Another thing:

If you stay static without saying anything like many camgirls do, users will have no reason to enter a private chat session with you.

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