Best camgirl sites for a real one-to-one private chat

Some camgirl websites allow other guests to enter the chat when you are in a private chat session with a camgirl. They can watch what the webcam model is doing. Also, they can listen to what you are saying if the webcam model does not wear earbuds and if she turned on her speakers.

First, I would like to say that other guests can’t spy on your webcam feed whatever the mode if you turned on your webcam.

If the webcam model hears the interlocutor voice through her speakers and if you can hear yourself in echo, it means that other guests can also hear what you are saying in a cam2cam chat. By the way, if the webcam model wears headphones it is better because no-one else can hear the voice of the main visitor in this case. It ensures total privacy.

Some camgirl websites offer private cam-to-cam chat modes that prevent this problem. Those modes are exclusive by default. This means that when a man enters a private chat, no other guests can enter the chat. The chat room is locked.

Here is a list of the websites that provide a real one-to-one private chat session during a private chat with a camgirl: – Real one-to-one private chat session

When you want to enter a private chat, you can choose the “exclusive” mode which prevents other streamate users to enter the private chat. This is great for privacy. Noone can hear your conversation in an audio chat.

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On Stripchat, choose the private chat mode labelled “exclusive private”. In the exclusive private chat mode, No-one else can enter a private chat when you are in a private cam2cam chat session. Consequently, in this mode, no-one can listen to what you say in an audio chat.

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Camcontacts – Real one-to-one chat session

This site offers a “Private One2One session” so that no one else can enter the chat when you’re in a private chat room with a camcontacts webcam model. In this mode, nobody else can listen to what you say after switching on your microphone.

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Situation on other camgirl websites

The and case:

On Imlive and Livejasmin, after entering a private chat room other guests may enter the room. They will not see your webcam feed for sure. However, Users can listen to your voice if the cam model listens to your voice via her speakers. In this case, if you hear yourself in echo during the chat if someone else enters the chat, it means that this individual can also hear you. The camgirl may decide to lock the chat room to prevent other people to get in. Nevertheless, it is not mandatory. We saw situations where the camgirl forgot to lock the room. It is worth asking the camgirl to lock the room during a private chat.