HTTPS doesn’t protect your privacy when visiting adult websites

    When you visit a website that is accessible through HTTPS, software that monitors the packets between your computer and a website can collect the domain name of the website, if you visit a website like, the word can be seen in plain text in a packet. Similarly, if you visit a live sex chat website like, someone can find that you visited

    The screenshot below is the result of an experiment. I have installed The web sniffer wireshark on a computer that I plugged to a hub and then, I typed (an adult chat website) in the URL field of Google chrome.

    The first computer caught all the packets and intercepted and the IP of the client. So we can imagine that a software does it automatically. A software in a proxy can detect people who visit adult sites. Employees of companies, University students are at risk because a network administrator can see a list of the visited websites.

    Content of the TCP packet sent by the computer after typing in a browser, as you can see it is possible to see the URL in plain text in the packet

    That’s why you always must use a VPN service if you want to be on the safe side. A VPN client establishes a first connection to a server and encrypts all the data exchanges between your computer and the web server.

    I advise using the PrivateInternetAccess VPN (also called PIA) or NordVPN.

    • It prevents the computer or the mobile phone to directly connect to the internet. It is possible to set up the client to lock the Internet when the VPN client is switched off.
    • VPN service allows you to hide all your activities on the internet
    • No-one will be able to see the porn videos or the camgirl profiles that you visited on the internet.
    • PIA has a network of VPN servers in 53 countries.