Sssniperwolf, was she a camgirl or was it a look-alike?

Sssniperwolf pretended that a so-called camgirl called Kalyda was her lookalike. In her video, she talks about Kalyda as she was an active camgirl. However, we searched as much as we could, and we were unable to find any active camgirl called Kalita, Kolita, kalyda at various live sex show websites like chaturbate, myfreecams and online using Google… The video recordings from Kalyda sessions are allegedly from MyFreecams.

Kalyda was a real camgirl:

We found a camgirl profile named kalyda on, but when Sssniperwolf talked about it in a youtube video, the last broadcast of Kalyda was already 6 months old.

In August 2016, we found the deleted profile of Kalyda, the alleged look-alike of Sssniperwolf. The age on her profile page matches with the Sssniperwolf age.

Click here to see the kalyda webcam profile


We found that the so-called kalyda had worked as a camgirl only a few months and deleted her camgirl account, her Instagram, her Twitter account all at once!

For your information, usually, when camgirls find a better source of income, they keep their inactive profiles just in case.  The intention of Kalyda was to vanish from the internet and leave no evidence behind her.

Even more!

Then, Sssniperwolf talked about kalyda as she was still active and interacting with her. However, as Sssniperwolf recorded this youtube video talking about Kalyda, the real Kalyda had deleted her online profile for several months. Kalyda would have had no reason to fight with Sssniperwolf online for her reputation since Kalyda left the cam girl industry.

We also know that when Sssniperwolf was younger, she looked way slimmer. She could have undergone plastic surgery for breasts enhancement followed by Breast reconstruction after sometimes. We know a camgirl who went through this process. Sssniperwolf may also have undergone bottom surgery to get this very curvaceous figure which does not look natural. Also, the young Sssniperwolf was not as prude as today. She took pictures of herself in sexy lingerie when she was younger.

We think that maybe Sssniperwolf has created this story for people to think that she was never a camgirl. Since Sssniperwolf became popular on youtube, she also became more prude for her young audience.

Our theory: We think that Sssniperwolf may have tried different things before getting successful on youtube. We know for sure, there are sexy pictures of Sssniperwolf dated from 2010-2012. We can imagine she worked as a camgirl before earning big money on youtube.

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