What’s happening during an online sex chat with a cam girl?

First of all, in a private chat, the guest who visits the webcam sex chat website can talk about sex with a woman that is online for this purpose. We call this woman a cam girl.

He can share his sexual fantasy with this cam girl. The guest can ask her to play a role like a co-worker, an employee, a boss, a nurse, a teacher, a policewoman, an acquaintance.

If the cam girl works in an adult category of a website, she may get nude. The guest has three options; either he remains anonymous and he just chats with the cam girl by typing on his keyboard. He can also activate his audio to an audio chat or he can activate his webcam for 2-way audio.

In a 2-way audio and video webcam chat, he can watch the cam girl masturbating while the cam girl is watching the guest masturbating. consequently, a man can show a camgirl that he is masturbating. She may also insert a dildo inside her vagina. She may use a butt plug or even two sex toys at the same time. We saw, for instance, a woman inserting a dildo inside her vagina while she is sucking another dildo.

Some cam girls wear a sex toy inside their vagina which vibrates when the guest sends credits to her (lovense lush). There is also a sex toy that can be remotely controlled by the guest when he is in a private chat session with a cam girl. The sex toy named vibratoy allows controlling its speed and whether it should stimulate the clitoris or inside the vagina.

The guest can direct the cam model by telling her what she should do. For instance, he can ask her to sit in doggy to see her ass. He may ask her to join her legs and hold them in the air to watch her legs. Some men also ask the cam girl to show her feet, nail, hands.


For your information, there is a huge service quality difference between cam girls. It is important to read the description of the cam girl to get an idea of what you can find in the chat room of this cam girl.