When camgirls ask really personal questions to users

Sometimes, camgirls that I have met for the time online asked me the following intrusive questions in a private chat session:

  • What is your job position?
  • What do you do in your life?
  • Do you have a job?
  • How much do you earn?
  • Are you married?
  • Do you live on your own?
  • How old are you?
  • How many women did you have sex with?
  • What was your longest relationship?
  • When have you had sex for the last time?
  • Are you bi?
  • Have you had sex with a man?

In the real world, No-one would ask most of those personal questions to a stranger that one just met.

I think this behavior of questioning private chat users is unacceptable.

Let me explain to you why I find this behavior unacceptable. You pay for a private chat. In this case, the camgirl should be at your service. It should not be the other way around. This is not like a regular chat at the local Starbucks’ coffee shop.

Then, I think that some questions are unacceptable. If a camgirl asks you: “why aren’t you married?”. I think you should end the conversation here. You are not in a paid private chat to undergo a police interrogation. Some camgirls make the mistake to consider a paid private chat just like a regular chat. It just not acceptable. The customer should be the king.

Police interrogation

When a private chat turns to be a police interrogation of the visitor, this does not make sense. This should not be a normal practice to pay for a private webcam chat to get questioned. I am not saying that a camgirl should not ask any questions but camgirls should respect the privacy of her visitors.

Inappropriate questions

These questions are even worse than intrusive questions.

For example, several camgirls asked me to tell the size of my penis. Several of them asked me if I had a large penis. These questions were off-topic as I talked about porn star penis sizes. This question was misplaced in the middle of the conversation. No man asks a woman if she has a “big vagina”.

  • Do you have a big penis?
  • What is the size of your penis?

I like to repeat that camgirls are service providers. They aren’t here to question you about your genitalia. For sure, some men could be turned on by such questions. However, in this case, the subject of the conversation would match with the question. For example, a user could talk about his penis and after several minutes she will be able to understand that he would like to discuss his penis. However, these questions came out of nowhere.

Role reversal

Then, I also came across situations where women were even more intrusive by asking me to show my penis or get undressed. There is really a role reversal in this case. A visitor should not be asked to do anything in private chat. He should do whatever he wants to do when he wants to do it.

I’d like to repeat that a paid private webcam chat is not like a normal free chat. The visitor should not be asked to do anything by the camgirl because that’s the visitor who pays for the chat session.

never forget that a camgirl is a service provider.

She knows everything about you and you know nothing about her

This asymmetric relationship happens when a webcam model knows everything about you and you know nothing about her. If you want to establish a trust relationship with a camgirl, be aware of this situation. When a woman has something to hide, it is usually not a good sign. Usually, the camgirls who ask questions don’t speak too much about themselves. They may answer yes, no, and short sentences to your questions.

What to do if it happens?

Leave the chat session as fast as possible. If the website allows it, leave a comment to warn other users. Give a 1-star rating. etc…etc…