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Where to buy the Lovense sex toys of cam models?

    Many webcam models use the interactive sex toys, Lovense Lush and Lovense Nora. Did you know that you can buy those sex toys for yourself right from the Lovense online store. Lovense ships it brown packages with no brand markings on it. You can order a lovense sex toy from all over the world from the lovense online store.

    Click here to buy the Lovense Lush or the Lovense Nora from the Lovense Store

    You can control the Lovense Nora and the Lovense Lush from an application on your Iphone or your Android phone. These sex toys communicate with your mobile phone via bluetooth. You can also control the sex toys from your PC or your Mac. The Lovense applications can be downloaded for MS Windows and MacOS.

    The features are the same as for webcam models. You can operate the moving head and the vibrating head of the Lovense Nora or you can operate the vibrating part of the Lovense lush from the application.

    You may also find interesting information on the Lovense blog.

    For your information, some men insert the lovense lush inside their anus to feel vibrations.