Everything to know when using a VPN to visit camgirl websites

Camgirl sites allowing connections by VPN

We tested the following camgirl websites via Hidemyass, VPN Unlimited, Torguard, NordVPN, PrivateInternetAccess.

Here is the list of camgirl websites that we tested via a VPN connection several times without problems:

Streamate.com didn’t accept the VPN connection. They blocked our user account after using Streamate via a VPN connection. We had to contact the customer support to unlock our account. We got caught because we stopped the VPN service while we were still on the streamate.com. It is a mistake to stop the VPN while you are still on the website. It is strongly advised to turn on the VPN server before you visit the website.

VPN and payment processors when buying credits

When you make a payment using your credit card or paypal using a VPN, choose a VPN server located in your country of residence when you buy credits or tokens on a camgirl website. The payment processors check the IP addresses of buyers. If their program detects that something is wrong it may block the current payment and further payments via paypal or your credit card.

Alternatively, you can use a payment method that does not require a credit card like paysafecard, neosurf, bitcoin, litecoin.

Meanwhile, you can use a VPN from any country to chat with a camgirl. This is only the IP address of the payment that matters.

VPN servers / Payment gateways / Connecting from abroad

Imagine you usually live in the USA and you are on a trip in Canada. You want to visit your favorite camgirl websites via a VPN. Connect to a VPN server in the US to buy credits via your credit card. If you do this, since your IP address is located in the USA you will not take any risk by purchasing credits/tokens via a VPN. On the other hand, if you purchase credits/tokens from a Canadian IP address, the payment gateway may think that your credit card was stolen. At this point, I wonder if they could block your credit card. I know that the payment processors can ban you. I have already been banned by some payment processors on stripchat after connecting to a VPN server in a different country than mine. So, I think the IP address is checked by payment gateway during the purchasing process.

Cookies and connecting to a VPN in a different country

When you visit adult webcam chat websites from a different country (via VPN or in real), the best would be to delete cookies first and then visit the website and log in, so that it is like you were physically somewhere else. By doing so, there will be no residual data in your browser.

VPN latency

For sure, when you chat with a camgirl via a VPN server you get some latency due to the time it takes for the data to reach the VPN, the camgirl and vice versa. However, it works pretty well with NordVPN and PrivateInternetAcess. The latency is not too high. We were able to chat in a cam2cam via a VPN without hassle on Livejasmin and stripchat.

VPN on mobile phone

Be aware that you can use all the VPN services that we mentioned before on your mobile phone. So, you can safely visit camgirl websites behind a VPN server from your mobile phone. However, to do this, we advise you, to close all your applications and disable as many application notifications as you can to free resources.