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Why American camgirls should consider working on Livejasmin

    Livejasmin is packed with Romanian, Colombian and Russian camgirls. However, the majority of the Livejasmin audience is made of American visitors. We know that American visitors are looking for American camgirls. They are looking for someone who shares their cultural identity. American camgirls may not be aware of it, but they share common knowledge with their visitors from the USA.

    In private chat session, an American user on Livejasmin may discuss his favorite TV presenter, TV show on Netflix, singer, actor or actress and the camgirl is likely to know this person. Right away, it is possible to establish a cultural connection which will improve the user experience.

    As I am writing this article, I know that there are few American camgirls on Livejasmin. In fact, I didn’t see an American camgirl since 1 year on Livejasmin. I think there are very few American camgirls on Livejasmin.

    Your American nationality is an asset on Livejasmin

    You should see the nationality as marketing value that makes the difference with other camgirls. Conversely, myfreecams is packed with American camgirls. Consequently, Being American has no value if you would decide to work on myfreecams. The competition is too fierce and it does not make sense to work on Myfreecams. On the other hand, there are no competition between American camgirls on Livejasmin.

    Being independent is not a problem

    I know that on Livejasmin, most of the camgirls work for a studio. Those studios invested into luxurious premises. However, I also know that Livejasmin visitors don’t value the decor. They value the interactions with the model.

    Your level of english is still an asset

    The Livejasmin camgirls from Eastern Europe do understand english; However, it doesn’t mean they understand everything that people say in English. Keep in mind that some Eastern European camgirls pretend to understand every sentence and sometimes they don’t understand a word. Some Livejasmin power users know it. That’s why they prefer women who speak and understand english well. In this context, nothing will beat a native english speaker aka an American camgirl. For sure, American camgirls must show that they are fluent in english by talking in their public chat room.

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