Why there aren’t any Bulgarian camgirls on adult cam chats

In Bulgaria, a law prohibits pornography. Consequently, this also prohibits webcam sex shows. That’s why there is no camgirl studios in Bulgaria. Also, no women located in Bulgaria tries to work as a camgirl. A Bulgarian camgirl risks up to 5 year prison and a fine up to 8000 LEVS. A porn filmmaker has been already prosecuted

Back in 2010, several people have been arrested for filming Porn in a Hotel of Varna. 

If a camgirl tells you that she comes from Bulgaria, she is likely a liar. Most of the time, they are Romanian camgirls who want to hide their nationality and make adult chat users believe they are Bulgarians. 

It is a shame that pornography is prohibited in Bulgaria. Bulgaria is the poorest european country. Since most of the adult chat users come from the USA, it would bring a constant cash flow into Bulgaria. In other words, adult chat websites would benefit the Bulgarian economy a lot.

If you are bulgarian, convince your local politician to give up the pornography ban.