Best headphones/mic for a cam-to-cam chat with a cam girl

We discovered that the 2-way audio could be a problem during a webcam chat session with a cam girl. First of all, without headphones, echo feedback may be generated. This may be very uncomfortable during the cam-to-cam chat. When you plug headphone, it will suppress the echo problem of the audio. Nevertheless, it is not enough. It is also important to have a good microphone to be well understood by the cam model. We found that many microphones on laptops could be of bad quality. But it is not the only problem. We also found that audio drivers with the microphones could be bad.

Smartphone headphones/mic, bad idea:

We found that the smartphone microphones with a mini-jack that has three stripes could be a problem too. First of the microphone is often near the chest, so when you move the microphone move along with it and hit the chest. On your side, you may not be aware of it but on the cam girl side, those hitting sounds may be very loud. on top of that, we found that some smartphone headphones created a feedback effect (echoes) because the microphone picked the sound of the headphones. Additionally, the minijack headphones use the drivers of your audio card and your audio card may not work well too.


That’s why the only good solution for an audio cam-to-cam chat session with a cam girl is a headset.

I see two categories: USB headsets and Bluetooth headsets.

USB headsets

The USB headsets always work well with MS Windows 10. it is easy to set up and it works instantly. The microphone is always far away from the chest or the headphones so that you can gesture and it is not going to be a problem. A USB connection is better than a jack connection because it means that MS Windows will not use the drivers of your audio card but the drivers of the USB headsets. Many audio cards and their drivers like the Realtek audio cards aren’t good and it is better to bypass them. If you would buy a mini-jack headset you may still face issues because it would use the drivers of your actual audio card. If you face an issue with your actual laptop microphone, this may come from the mic, but it may also come from the driver.

Bluetooth headsets

The USB headsets may not be really sexy. The alternative would be to use bluetooth headsets. However, since most of them are cableless they need to be recharged. On top of that, it may be a bit difficult to connect the headset to the computer.

However, a bluetooth headset fixes all audio problems just like the USB headsets. It uses its own drivers. Thus, you don’t use the audio card drivers. The microphone are far away from the headphone and there is no feedback problem. Since there is no cable you can move and gesture while your talk. You can step back from the computer without worrying if you have enough space.