Best US prepaid cards to pay on adult websites – US only –

When you use the Mastercard or the Visa card of your main bank, the bank representative has access to your bank statements and can see the details of your expenses. The best would be to use a prepaid card to hide your expenses from your main bank. You would top-up a certain amount of money on the prepaid card so that your main bank statement would only list the money withdrawal or the bank transfer to the prepaid card company. Consequently, prepaid cards are the best solutions to protect your privacy. The prepaid cards below are for US residents only.

For your information, my bank called me once after buying credits on an adult chat website. However, everything was fine about the use of the card and it was a small amount compared to what was available on my bank account. They wanted to know if I initiated this expense. I think they just wanted to sneak in my private life. Following this event, I only use prepaid cards and I never had a call or an email from any prepaid card company asking me to justify an expense.

U.S. unlocked

This company offers a prepaid virtual VISA debit card that you can use just like a plastic VISA card. They provide a VISA card number, expiration date, CVV number that you enter in the accurate fields on the purchase page of an adult website like a porn website or an adult chat website. This virtual card comes with a low monthly fee. The US unlocked card is issued by a U.S. bank. The monthly maintenance fee is $3.50 per month. The top-up fee is the total of $3 + 3% of the deposited amount.

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This company delivers plastic VISA or MASTERCARD that are issued by a U.S financial institution. Then, you can top-up your prepaid card using transfer, check or cash. Compared to US unlocked the pricing model is different. The monthly fee is higher ($9,95/month) however, there is no fee when you top-up your card.

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