Top 6 scams of camgirls & how to avoid

This article will help you detect scams and determine what a good camgirl is. As an introduction, I want to tell you something.

There are many fishes in the ocean, don’t focus on one camgirl in particular. Compare camgirls and choose the best ones. The more you will be demanding and the better your user experience is going to be. Let me explain. If you spend a significant amount of money on a woman who slightly scams you, you may end up disgusted by the camgirl website where this woman operates. However, camgirl websites are not responsible for camgirls’ bad behaviors. So be choosy!

A hidden translator in the room

This is the situation in which you think that you are chatting with a camgirl when in fact you are chatting with a human translator out of camera range. For sure, this only works in text chat mode. To make it work they turn off the camgirl’s microphone. We also found public chat rooms where song tracks were played instead of the microphone sound of the camgirl.

Also, those camgirls hide their hands so that you can’t see what they type on the keyboard. If you can see their hands, you can see that they press random keys on it. Sometimes, you can even see their lips moving because they are talking to someone in the room, usually a translator.

The audio chat helps to check that no human translator interacts with you instead of the camgirl. When a camgirl reads aloud the nicknames of the users entering her public chatroom, it means she is real. When you hear the voice of the camgirl, this is the best evidence this is not a translator scam.

The recorded video

It is rare now but there are still fake chat rooms with recorded videos rather than live-streaming. There are several things to check to spot recorded videos. The audio of the microphone is always off or music is played instead of the sound of the microphone. The camgirl wears the same outfit every day. She does not move when you ask her to raise her hands to prove that it is not a recording. You don’t see her typing on her keyboard.

Sometimes the scammer codes a program called a bot which sends text messages randomly to the public chat room.

When you have any doubts, contact the support team of the camgirl website.

The camgirls who simultaneously chat on different sites in a private chat session:

This is the situation when a camgirl makes you believe that you are in a private chat session while in fact, she is chatting with multiple people on different adult chat websites simultaneously. To do so, she installed a software allowing broadcasting on different websites at the same time. This type of software is known as a webcam splitter. Manycam is a cam splitter. I have heard that one camgirl could chat with 3 people at the same time. It is possible to spot such a practice when the audio is off and when it takes ages for a camgirl to answer you.

Also, if the live video streaming freezes or if the video or audio is choppy, this likely means that she reached the limit of her bandwidth by trying to connect to many websites.

I think it is an unacceptable behavior. You pay for the chat and the camgirl should be fully available for you.

You can detect that something is wrong when you see that a woman is typing on her keyboard while talking to you. You may also hear brief notification sounds coming from her computer during her chat. Those sounds come from the second website where she is also live chatting with other members during your private chat session.

You can detect a woman who is simultaneously online on several websites. When you see something like “” in the right bottom corner of her screen, it means she uses a cam splitter (our article about it). Sometimes, it is not mentioned on the screen.

Good camgirls are the ones who decide to respect a strict private one2one chat by turning on the private mode and stop interacting with several users on several websites at the same time.

There is a tremendous difference of service quality between camgirls. For example, on Livejasmin, an experienced camgirl will decide to activate the exclusive chat mode after you entered her private chat for a real one2one. Good camgirls disconnect from their second website when they get in a private chat. Conversely, another camgirl may let other LJ members enter her chat, respond to their requests while streaming live on Chaturbate. On livejasmin, look for the label “exclusive model” in her description. It shows that she is not simultaneously available on another camgirl website.

The promise of making a video for you

During a private chat session with a camgirl, the scammer promises to deliver a video to you in exchange for a tip. For example, she may ask you to send $150 tip in exchange for a custom porn video. In order to lure you, she tells you that you will provide her the plot. After the private chat is over, she does not deliver the video to you. There is a simple rule for this type of situation. Never send a gift. If you already spend money for a chat, there is no need to spend more money.

The switched off microphone

This is a situation in which you hear music instead of the ambient sound of the camgirl’s room or no sound at all.

This allows the camgirl to chat with multiple users at the same time on different websites. This allows the camgirl to let a translator answer the questions of visitors.

When you ask those camgirls why their audio does not work, they pretend that their microphone is broken. They say something like: “my microphone is broken. My microphone does not work. My computer has a problem”. This is just unacceptable. They work has a camgirl. Their microphones should work. Camgirl websites should not allow chatrooms without sound.

Her profile picture does not look like her

Some camgirls fool their visitors by uploading profile pictures that do not look like them in video. This happens on camgirl websites without a free live video stream. I even found a profile of a camgirl who stole pictures from a photo model on the internet.

Anyways, These women bait men with pictures of a sexy attractive woman. Then, they hope you will stay in the chatroom even if you are disappointed by the true figure of the woman. Don’t spend money on women who fool men.

How to avoid scams on camgirl sites

Choose a camgirl from whom you hear the microphone sound

An audio chat prevents most of scams. An audio chat ensures that a chat isn’t a video recording. It also means that the camgirl understands and speaks English. A camgirl who talks to you is forced to focus on you. She can’t spend her time text chatting with other members on the website. You can type your text, and she can answer by speaking aloud.

Sometimes, the microphone may be on and the camgirl may never speak aloud. All the camgirls don’t speak and understand English fluently. At least, you should be able to hear the ambient noise in the room. Even if a camgirl doesn’t speak English, it is not a reason to switch off the microphone.

Don’t accept any deals in a private chat

Never accept to give money as a gift or anything else at the camgirl’s request. if you are in a private chat session, you are already paying the chat session. leave the chat session If you witness that a camgirl is greedy and wants you to pay more money while you chat. For example, we saw that some camgirls wanted us to go to an exclusive chat session while we were already in a private chat session. Since the exclusive chat session was more expensive she wanted us to spend more money.

If you see a watermark that is not the name of the website leave right away

If a camgirl uses a cam splitter, you will likely see a watermark on the screen like “”. Leave the chat room right away because it means that she uses a cam splitter. This means she is simultaneously visible on another cam model website.

There are many serious webcam models & studios that are respectful of their customers. They learn to speak english. They don’t use a cam splitter. They invest in good HD webcam, english lessons, microphones and good internet connection. This article is also to promote those who provide a good service quality on cam model sites.

Camgirl websites without scammers

I want to pinpoint that Camgirl websites aren’t responsible for scams. Scams are perpetrated by individuals.

Users should not focus on a camgirl or a website. They should take advantage of the wide choice of camgirls on different websites.

We listed below the camgirl website on which we spotted no or very few scams:


Livejasmin camgirls speak English and understand English well. They don’t need a translator. In the vast majority of cases, they never beg for a tip. Consequently, when you are in a private webcam chat with a Livejasmin camgirl things are safe. In many profile descriptions of Livejasmin models, you can read “exclusive model, only available at Livejasmin”, This means that the Livejasmin camgirl isn’t simultaneously live on several camgirl websites. You can hear the ambient sound of every Livejasmin camgirl. No other people are present in their room.

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Many camgirls understand and speak english. I have rarely entered a public chat room of Streamate without ambient sound. If you had a bad experience with a woman you can leave a keyword under the profile of the camgirl. People usually add keywords like “overrated”, “overpriced”, “arrogant”… Most of the time, we can hear the ambient sound of the room when we enter the chat room of a Streamate camgirl.

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Bottom line

If you are not satisfied by a camgirl, contact the support team of the website. You will help increase the service quality of the camgirl website. The more camgirl websites will be aware of scammers and the better it will be. Such a practice will help camgirl websites realize that they should fight scammers if they want to keep customers.

Also, when you have the opportunity, write a comment, rate camgirls, leave tags after a chat session.

Don’t get overly attached to a camgirl; especially if she is not respectful with you. The camgirl websites allow you to end the communication whenever you want without saying goodbye and it has no consequences. Clean your favorites folder. Keep the best camgirls. Don’t visit scammers again, otherwise you will waste your money.