Scam techniques list of cam girls


This article is aimed at listing the cam girls scams but also to show that there are good cam girls and bad cam girls. After reading this article, you will be able to know who is a good cam girl and who is a fraud.

The hidden human translator in the room

That’s the situation when you think that you are chatting with a cam girl in her chat room but you are in reality chatting with a human translator out of camera range who hides in the cam girl room. To make it work, they turn off their microphone or there is no sound at all. We also found public chat rooms where song tracks were played and there was no sound coming from the cam girl’s microphone.

Also, they will hide their hands to not see what they do on the keyboard or if you can see their hands, you will see that they press random keys on it. Sometimes, you can even see their lips moving because they are talking to someone in the room, usually a translator.

The audio chat helps to check that no human translator interacts with you instead of the cam girl. When a cam girl reads aloud the nicknames of the users entering her public chatroom, it means she is real. Usually, when you hear the voice of the cam girl, it means it is a live session.

The recorded video

It is rarer now but there are fake chat rooms with recorded videos rather than live streaming. There are several things to check to spot recorded videos. Just like for cam girls with human translators, the audio of the microphone is always off. you may here a music but no microphone sound. The cam girl wears always the same outfit every day & she chooses the same position. She does not move when you ask her to raise her hands to prove that it is not a recording. You don’t see her typing on her keyboard.

Sometimes the scammer codes a program. When the cam girl types something on the keyboard, something appears in the chat because the program sends a random sentence to the chat window.

When you have any doubts, contact the support team from the cam girls websites where you spotted an alleged video recording.

The cam girls who want to chat with many users at the same time:

That’s the situation when cam girls make you believe that you are in a private show but in fact, they chat with multiple people on different adult chat websites at the same time. For doing so, they install an application to allow the webcam stream to be simultaneously broadcast to several sites. I have heard that one cam girl could chat with 3 people at the same time. It is possible to spot such a practice when once again the audio is off and when it takes ages for a cam girl to answer you while she does understand English well.

Also, if the video stream freezes or if there are choppy audio or videos, that’s also may mean that she reached the limit of her bandwidth by trying to connect too many websites.

I am not against the fact that a cam girl may from time to time answer questions or things like that, but most of the time, some try to get several paid chats at the same time. You may see that a woman is interacting with several men when you see her typing while she talks to you or you also hear little noises from time to time from her computer while she talks to you.

Good cam girls are the ones who decide to respect a strict private one2one chat by turning on the private mode and stop interacting with several users on several websites at the same time.

There is a tremendous difference in service quality between women. For example, at Livejasmin, an experienced cam girl will decide to switch on the exclusive chat mode after you entered her private chat for a real one2one. Conversely, another cam girl may let other LJ member entered her chat, respond to their requests and on top of that, she may stream live on Chaturbate where there are other guests in her chat room. Usually, good cam girls disconnect from their second website when they get in a private chat.

The promise of making a video for you

During a private chat session with a cam girl, she promises you to deliver a video to you in exchange of an amount of tip. For example, she may ask you to send $150 in tip to receive a porn video where she would perform sexual practices that you really want to see. After the private chat is over, she never delivers the video.

What do to do to protect yourself

Choose a cam girl with microphone on:

Audio chat prevents the majority of problems. Only audio chats ensure right away that the chat isn’t a video recording. It also means that the cam girl understands and speaks English. It means that she is also willing to interact with visitors. A cam girl who talks to you is forced to focus on you & can’t text chat with many other visitors at the same time.

Choose a camgirl that is not always at her keyboard

Also when a cam girl chats with you away from her keyboard, it means she is not interacting with anyone else. So, when the cam girl stands far away from her keyboard, it is the best. On the other hand, if the keyboard is in front of her and if she still types while you talk, just leave the room.

Don’t accept any deals in a private chat

Some camgirls suggest they would deliver a video to visitors in exchange for a tip. for example, she may ask you to send $150 to receive in exchange a porn video of her performing something that you would like to see. Then, after the user leaves, they never deliver the video. Don’t accept any deals in private webcam chat.

Here is a list of cam girl websites where we never spotted a recorded chat session:



Let me explain why I chose these 2 adult chat websites:


Many cam models wear a vibrator in their vagina. So, when a guest sends a cam model credits, you can see if the cam model reacts to the vibrations or not. If she does not react, it means that something is wrong. Also, we always hear what’s happening in the public chat room. If a cam model wants to earn money she has to perform live sex show in the public chat room. All stripchat performers have their microphone on.


I never saw a recorded chat session at imlive. Some cam girls don’t turn on their audio chat. However, many cam girls turn their audio chat on at Imlive.