You see on the camgirl screen? maybe a scam

Manycam is a freeware that allows a webcam model to simultaneously stream her webcam on several adult chat websites. It is also known as a cam splitter. So, when you see the text “” in the lower right corner, it is not a good sign because this means that this webcam model is also visible on other camgirl websites.

I advise users who see the “manycam” label in the corner of the model’s webcam feed to leave the chatroom of that camgirl right away. If you are in a PAID private chat session, it means that other people on another website are watching the webcam model’s live action for free.

For example, a webcam model can broadcast live on and at the same time, thanks to Manycam.

That’s why Livejasmin added the text “exclusive model, only available on Livejasmin.” If you see this text in the profile description of a camgirl, she does not use a cam splitter and is not simultaneously visible on several websites.

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None of the Livejasmin webcam models use cam splitter applications.

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When a webcam model connects from home, the video is likely to be choppy because streaming to two websites at the same time requires twice the normal amount of bandwidth. So, if you notice that the video of a camgirl is choppy, it may not be due to the internet connection. Instead, it could be because the model is using a cam splitter to broadcast on multiple websites simultaneously, which can strain the available bandwidth and result in a lower-quality video stream.

A camgirl using manycam

Greedy camgirl

This camgirl is being greedy by trying to broadcast on multiple websites simultaneously, resulting in poor video quality.

When a camgirl attempts to live broadcast on two websites via a slow internet connection, the video quality is likely to be terrible. She is only interested in making as much money as possible, even if it means providing a low-quality video experience for her viewers. This behavior is not acceptable.

Furthermore, she is streaming on too many websites at the same time, causing the live video to freeze and buffer constantly.

Potential live recording scam

The Manycam software also allows someone to play a movie file rather than a live webcam chat. So, if you see “Manycam” in the corner of the video, it’s possible that you’re watching a recording of a camgirl, not a live broadcast. In this case, it’s a total scam, and you should leave the chatroom immediately.