Livejasmin review, the camgirl website + tips

I have reviewed many adult chat websites, and livejasmin is one of the best. It features what we expect from an adult chat website with many beautiful women on webcam. Take the time to read this livejasmin review until this end. You will find useful tips for users.

Let’s explain the different options that you can find in the left sidebar of

Categories on livejasmin:

  • Exclusive: Some camgirls can simultaneously broadcast themselves on different camgirl sites via a camsplitter software. The “exclusive” label means that camgirls exclusively broadcast on When you are in an exclusive private chat with a camgirl of this category, you get her full attention.
  • Girl: This category features all the women available for a private live webcam chat/show on livejasmin. All webcam models are +18.
  • Hot flirt: This is a category where camgirls are not obliged to perform a live sex show in a private chat. If you enter the private chat room of a camgirl in the hot flirt category, this means you only want to chat with her. The camgirls in the hot flirt category don’t get naked and don’t perform a live sex show. Some “hot flirt” camgirls don’t speak english so well, and they disable the two-way audio chat feature. Some camgirls accept audio chat or cam2cam. So, if you want to chat with a beautiful woman, you can visit the “hot flirt” category. The terms of service give us more details about the hot flirt category: In Hot Flirt category, nudity or sexually provocative behavior is forbidden on free chat. In private chat however the Models are free to decide what kind of show they are willing to provide.
  • Soul mate: This category is a strictly non-sexual category of Livejasmin. These camgirls don’t provide any sexually explicit content, be it written, image or a live camera feed.
  • Mature: In this category, you will find camgirls who are older than 32 years old. This is the place for those looking for a MILF
  • Newbie: This category helps you find the camgirls who just joined Livejasmin. Traditionally, New camgirls are cheaper than experienced camgirls. This is the place to go if you are looking for cheap private chats on Livejasmin.
  • Amateur: You will find camgirls who don’t work for a camgirl company (aka studio) in the amateur category. Those camgirls broadcast themselves from home.
  • Fetish: A category where you can find women willing to perform BDSM in a private chat session.
  • Transgirl: A category where you can chat with a transsexual; a man who gets dressed as a woman.
A Livejasmin camgirl

Description of livejasmin model status:

  • Free chat (green bullet on thumbnail): This is a mode where anyone can chat with a camgirl. You may even hear what’s happening in her chatroom if the camgirl turned on her microphone.
  • Member chat (red bullet): It means the camgirl is available, but she does not stream her video publicly.
  • Private chat: In this mode, you are in a one-to-one chat with a camgirl. You have 3 options to chat with a camgirl. 1. Text chat only: In this mode, you only text chat with a camgirl and she can answer by talking aloud or typing during a webcam chat session. This is a default mode of a private chat. In this case, the camgirl can’t hear and see you. 2. Audio/text chat: If you click on the “enable 2-way audio chat” option, the camgirl will be able to listen to you in a private webcam chat. This is the default mode, when you click on 2-way audio. In this case, your webcam remains disabled and the camgirl does not see you. 3. Audio/video/text chat: If you click on the “enable 2-way audio chat” followed by the webcam icon on the left of your page, you can activate your webcam video for an audio/video chat. The camgirl will be able to see you and hear you. You can show any parts of your body like your penis in a cam2cam chat on Livejasmin except in chat rooms of the soul mate category which is a non-sexual category.
  • Video call (orange bullet): When a camgirl is not online, you can still have a video call with her via her smartphone. If you use video call, keep the time difference into account. I have noticed that video calls were available for some camgirls in the middle of their night.
  • Mobile live: Some camgirls broadcast themselves via their smartphone.
  • VIP show: This is a show where people can buy their seat and attend the sex show of a camgirl. This allows you to attend live sex shows at a low price. In fact, VIP shows are the cheapest way to attend a live sex show on Livejasmin. You can browse VIP shows by clicking on “VIP show” in the left sidebar of Livejasmin.
  • Two-way audio: Most of the livejasmin camgirls offer a two-way audio/video chat session. This option in the left sidebar of livejasmin under show type allows you to browse camgirls who really offer this feature. Note that you aren’t forced to turn on your webcam video on livejasmin. On livejasmin, you can speak out loud to a camgirl without being seen by her in a private chat session. You just have to click on the microphone icon on the left side of the camgirl screen.
  • HD: Camgirls who broadcast themselves via an HD webcam. Anyway, the video streaming of most camgirls is satisfying compared to other camgirl websites.

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Livejasmin camgirls’ quality:

Since there are lots of camgirls, there are also many stunning camgirls. The vast majority of camgirls on LiveJasmin comes from Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Latin America. After investigating, we saw that all Livejasmin camgirls accepted 2-way audio chats. When you click on the private chat button, you don’t need to wait for the camgirl to accept the private chat request. You are immediately brought to the private chat session. Conversely, on websites like chaturbate or myfreecams, some camgirls deny you entry or make you wait. You don’t get frustrated on Livejasmin because there is no waiting time.

When you audio chat with a camgirl on LiveJasmin, it means that she gives you full attention. Conversely, on other websites when a camgirl types on her keyboard, how can you be sure that she does not chat with someone else?

Also, the Livejasmin camgirls understand English pretty well overall. On Livejasmin, the camgirls speak English in an audio chat session rather than type on their keyboard most of the time. For those who don’t know, some websites are packed with camgirls who use a translation website like google translate during private chats. At first sight, it sounds interesting because the private chats of those websites are cheaper than Livejasmin chats. However, you quickly understand that the camgirls on those websites don’t understand a word of what you are saying. So, it means that you waste your time in those private chats. On the other hand, Livejasmin camgirls understand what you are saying.

Exclusive webcam models:

Some webcam models stream their webcam video to several adult chat websites simultaneously. On Livejasmin, when you visit the chat room of a webcam model, you can see whether she is exclusively available on Livejasmin. You can see the sentence “exclusive model, only available on livejasmin” when you visit the description of an exclusive model (icon I in he left upper corner). I think that only Livejasmin mentions the exclusivity of a webcam model. It is an important aspect of Livejasmin models because it means that when you enter a private chat, the camgirl is only available for you. For example, you will not see an exclusive livejasmin model standing up to get naked without asking for it. This is because the webcam model does not simultaneously broadcast on another adult chat website like chaturbate. She does not receive requests from other websites during a private chat session with you. I will detail this problem in the next paragraph.

Exclusive model label
This “exclusive model” label is displayed in the profile description of a webcam model by clicking on the “i” icon in the left corner.

Dedicated camgirls in private

Livejasmin camgirls always give you their full attention. This means that after entering a chat room, a camgirl does not perform a live sex show that you didn’t ask. She does not stand up and dance even if you didn’t ask for it.

On the other hand, on chaturbate and stripchat, several camgirls simultaneously work on different websites. This means they don’t give you their full attention in a private chat.

I think we forget this aspect of adult live chat too quickly. I have extensively used Livejasmin and took the intimate one-to-one chat sessions for granted. Afterwards, on Stripchat and Chaturbate, I saw camgirls who kept performing unsolicited sex shows while I was paying for the private chat session.

Once, I was in a private chat session on stripchat. I paid 5.77 euros per minute and the girl was obviously doing things that I didn’t ask because she was online on another website. She didn’t give me full attention. This practice is a rip-off to me. On the other camgirl website, people tipped few euros/dollars to see her show her feet, while I was charged 5.77 euros per minute for almost no attention.

These women ignored me or answered to my questions with words like “yes”, “no” in a text chat… These private chats of female scammers aren’t cheaper than exclusive livejasmin private chat sessions. All Livejasmin camgirls aren’t great, but at least, they give you full attention.

Content of a private chat/show

First, we confirm that in every chat room there is a good audio/video streaming quality. Furthermore, the screen dedicated to the camgirl video is big.

You must carefully read the description of a camgirl to know what types of live sex shows she offers in private. You will find her show list under “in private chat, i’m willing to perform.” Depending on the description she may wear stockings, play with a butt plug, a dildo, insert her fingers inside her vagina, show her feet, legs, long nails, wear a leather uniform. She also may use love balls, strap-on, oil (to oil her body). She may also play the dominatrix or the submissive woman. I think that camgirls on Livejasmin can twerk as well. Some also smoke on demand. Some women may wear lingerie on demand.

Striptease is not mentioned in the list of shows, but every Livejasmin camgirl accept to get naked in the standard girl category.

Most of the camgirls possess a remotely controlled webcam on Livejamin. This means that they can zoom on a part of their body like their feet, vagina, eyes, face, breast, butt… They can also stand up and point the webcam to the left, the right, up and down. There aren’t so many camgirls with a remotely controlled webcam on other websites.

The LJ camgirls have a good attitude. They don’t refuse to perform a live sex show except if the said live sex show is not listed in their description. In the general category, we rarely saw a situation where a camgirl tried to move slowly to make money. We noticed that as soon as we asked a camgirl to get naked, she started to take action right away. During a private chat, a Livejasmin camgirl is not authorized to ask you to pay an additional fee for a live sex show. In general, I have noticed that there were many Livejasmin camgirls who were motivated to please LJ members in a private chat. If you are used to visiting public chat rooms on Livejasmin without getting in a private chat room, you have no idea how nicer camgirls can be in a private chat session. Most of the time, they are rather quiet in public and talkative in private.

We also heard that Livejasmin camgirls did sexual role-play with visitors. A camgirl can play your teacher, your student, your secretary, your boss, your co-worker. She may also fulfill your cuckold fantasy.

The willingness tremendously varies between camgirls on Livejasmin. If you don’t want to be disappointed by a camgirl, read her description first.

By the way, it is not mandatory to ask for a live sex show. You can decide to chat and talk about your everyday life to any beautiful camgirls of Livejasmin. Just pick a camgirl, and chat by text, audio or audio/video.

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List of camgirls on livejasmin
webcam Models on Livejasmin

Special features of private chats on livejasmin

You can share a URL with a webcam model by copying and pasting the link in the text field during a private chat session. For example, you can share a pornhub video with a camgirl during a private chat session. She will be able to watch this video.

share a URL on livejasmin

You can play truth or dare with a camgirl in private chat. Those are predefined questions and predefined actions that a camgirl can do during a private chat session.

Truth or dare game on Livejasmin,

LiveJasmin payment system and privacy:

bitcoin logo

This website works with credits. It means that you must first buy credits and then, visit the private chat room of a camgirl. After testing the payment processor of livejasmin we discovered an interesting fact. Our personal details were not added to the Livejasmin database.

This separation between the camgirl site and payment processor is aimed at protecting your privacy and your anonymity. We think that employees of the Livejasmin support team can’t see your name and your address. We asked Livejasmin to provide us with all the data, they kept about us. (It is a European law called GRDP). We didn’t find our full name and our address. It means that the database of the Livejasmin payment processor dditservices is separated from the Livejasmin database.

Price ranges of Livejasmin credits

  • 0.01 to 0.98 Livejasmin credits: Women who just joined Livejasmin usually starts with a low price-per-minute. You will find in this price range women who can barely speak and understand English as well.
  • 1 to 1.99: In this price range, you will find the best bargains of Livejasmin for a private chat. There are a significant number of camgirls who understand/speak English well who set their price at 1.99 credits for a private chat.
  • 2 to 2.99: In this price range, you will find experienced camgirls. Usually, from 2.99 and up, You can access camgirls who perform live sex shows using a sex toy.
  • 3 to 3.99: In this price range, camgirls perform live sex shows with sex toys.
  • 4 to 4.99: In this price range, you can find experienced webcam models. However, I want to warn you that a high price per minute is not synonym for quality. Be careful.
  • 5 to 9.99: Once again, this is a good price range for men who are aroused by spending a lot of money on a beautiful woman in a private chat. I think about men who look for financial domination.

Advice for choosing a camgirl according to price:

Check the description of a camgirl before entering a private chat. Check the category “in private i’m willing to perform”. If you see few keywords, the price-per-minute of this camgirl should not be too high. This is a good hint to spot overpriced camgirls.

You can test a camgirl beforehand. First, in the public chat room, you can see if she is willing to interact with the members. You can for instance compliment her and see if she answers. Then, if you want to audio chat with a camgirl, go for a text chat first. The standard private chat mode is usually 1 or 2 credits cheaper than the two-way audio chat.

Fair prices-per-minute of private chats:

Few Livejasmin camgirls set a high price-per-minute for their private chat. It is rare to find a camgirl with a price-per-minute that is higher than 3.99 credits per minute. The average price-per-minute of a private chat is around 2.99 credits on Livejasmin. If I take into account the widespread HD webcam quality, the English level, the willingness to chat and compare these to other camgirl websites, I must say that the prices per minute on livejasmin are fair. Nevertheless, when a camgirl private chat costs 4.99 credits per minute, I don’t really see the benefit of going such an expensive chat room.

I would like to mention that Livejasmin features women who are instantly available for a private chat or private show. This seems obvious but it is great to know that hundreds of women are simultaneously available. You don’t have to schedule a private chat session. You don’t have to negotiate to get a private chat session in the public chat room. You don’t have to ask for a private chat session.

You just have to press the “start private show” button.

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We recommend livejasmin for several reasons:

  1. You don’t need to wait for the camgirl to be available for a private chat session.
  2. Livejasmin doesn’t record your webcam video.
  3. Livejasmin doesn’t record your first/last names and your personal details. (some payment processors do.)
  4. Their terms of service forbid camgirls to record Livejasmin members.
  5. It is safe to show yourself on webcam.
  6. Livejasmin camgirls usually speak and understand English.
  7. The camgirl girl video streaming never hangs
  8. The microphones of Livejasmin camgirls are always on.

No scams on livejasmin

I think that Studio teams of livejasmin camgirls do a great job. To this day, I never entered a Livejasmin chat room without sound. For your information, when the audio of a chat room is siwtched off, it is not a good sign. Without audio, you don’t know if the video you are watching is live or recorded. The lack of audio also allows a camgirl to simultaneously chat on 2 to 3 websites at the same time. This allows the camgirl to let a human translator to chat with you via text. This does not happen on Livejasmin. You can hear the ambient sound of the room when you enter any chat room.

Also, the internet connections of these webcam models are always reliable. This means that you can have an audio chat or a cam2cam conversation without facing a communication breakdown. Also, I have never heard a Livejasmin camgirl telling me that my video was “frozen”. On other camgirl websites, some girls claim that your internet isn’t fast enough. These manipulative camgirls do it on purpose to stall for time. For your information, Livejasmin expressively prohibits models to stall for time under penalty of being suspended or more. The penalty system of Livejasmin against bad behaviors is one of the toughest in the industry.

I think it is safe to say that Livejasmin is a camgirl website without scams. Still, you can be unsatisfied.

Camgirl Website with the best english proficiency of cam models

I think that more than 90% of the Livejasmin camgirl understand english quite well. This means that if you visit livejasmin, you should easily find a good english speaking camgirl whatever the chat room you visit. This also means that you can have a chat without waiting. On the other hand, if you are on a website where camgirls use a translation website, you must wait for the camgirl to translate what you say and come back to you. This is quickly annoying. The Livejasmin prices-per-minute are not so high because when you are chatting with a camgirl who understand you right away, you don’t spend time to get understood. It is a huge benefit.

Behavior of Livejasmin camgirls in private and public

If you are used to visiting public chat rooms of Livejasmin without getting in, you have no idea how different camgirls can be in a private chat session. For instance, I saw that some Livejasmin camgirls looked uninteresting in public chat rooms. They looked cold, antipathetic, lazy, boring, quiet, unmotivated, asexual. Be aware that in private chat sessions many of them are talkative, friendly, funny, welcoming, warm, sexual.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine whether a camgirl is good or bad by watching her body language in her public chat room. There is only one way to find out: enter her private chat room.

If you want to evaluate a camgirl. Don’t start with an expensive two-way audio chat. Prepare what you want to tell her. Start with a private text chat, paste your questions, see how she reacts and then activate the two-way audio if you want to speak out loud with the camgirl. The goal is to evaluate the camgirl as fast as possible. It is really difficult to determine which camgirl would fit your expectations because there aren’t customer reviews on livejasmin. The rating system of livejasmin is useless since all camgirls are rated 4 or 5 stars.

Also, on reddit, the people who talk about camgirls express an opinion that is not representative of what you can find online. It is wrong to say that every single cam model is a greedy gold digger who want to make money without doing live sex shows. On livejasmin, there aren’t prepaid 10, 15 or 30-minute chat sessions. It means that you don’t prepay a chat session and find afterwards that you have been fooled.

  1. Exclusive camgirls aren’t busy with other customers on Livejasmin
  2. They can’t ask you to pay an additional fee to see a specific live sex show
  3. They know they must perform and please their visitor otherwise the customer may leave at any time.

In this context, it would be stupid for a camgirl to move slowly on purpose during a private chat. I have found that Livejasmin camgirls were among the most respectful camgirls of the internet. All camgirls aren’t the same. There are tremendous differences between camgirls from different websites.

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