Streamate vs liveJasmin comparison

livejasmin vs streamate

First of all, both streamate & LiveJasmin are good live sex chat websites as compared to many websites on the net. Their service is reliable & I have had no issue with billing & streaming.

Comparison of camgirls service:

The LiveJasmin camgirls are more beautiful than streamate camgirls on average but they understand English less well. In fact, it is due to the fact that there are American and Canadian camgirls on streamate. I have never found an American camgirl on I would like to mention that some women on may make you believe that they understand you but they don’t. Also, I have found numerous times, famous female pornstars on streamate.

Streamate is better for native English speakers & pornstars:

Streamate is better if you would like to chat with native English speakers in audio chats. Streamate is also the place if you want to chat with pornstars. Livejasmin is the place if you want to find stunning women. I must admit that there was an improvement and since 2014, counts more camgirls who speak English better than it was before.

Streamate notification feature: and both allow cam-to-cam and audio chat. Streamate can notify you when a camgirl is online by sending an SMS to your smartphone. On the other hand, can’t notify you when your favorite camgirl is online. With, you have to know when your favorite camgirls are online. 

The real one-to-one issue:

When you enter a private chat at Livejasmin, the camgirl may decide to turn the chat session into an exclusive chat session meaning that no one else can enter the private chat room to spy. On the other hand, at streamate, there are two chat mode, private and exclusive. In the private mode, other people can enter the chat room. In exclusive mode, no one else can enter the chat room at Streamate. However, the exclusive mode is more expensive than the private mode. Consequently, at streamate, the user decides whether the chat session is going to be a real one-to-one or not. Conversely, At Livejasmin the camgirl decides whether the chat session is going to be a real one to one.

We found that at Livejasmin, the situation could be quite annoying when we enter a private chat room, and when for no reasons the camgirl decides to leave the keyboard, stand up and undress because someone else asked to do it. We found that experienced Livejasmin camgirls always lock their room to make it exclusive.

Livejasmin is cheaper for private shows:

After doing some comparisons between the price rates of the two websites we found that private chats from Livejasmin were cheaper than private chats from Streamate.

Personal opinion:

I enjoyed chatting with my favorite pornstars on streamate. It was not that expensive because it is really something that is really special and will never happen again. On the other hand, I also liked to chat with Eastern European women on because I have found that Livejasmin cam girls tried to please me more than women on Streamate. Nevertheless, I must admit I was upset not be understood well by some Romanian cam girls on LiveJasmin. Sometimes, the conversation was limited due to misunderstandings on Lj.

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