How to choose a cam girl?

Prefer cam girls who respect privacy

Sometimes, even if you pay for a private chat session, the chat session is not exclusive meaning that other people can enter the chat room and chat with the cam girl. The cam girl must turn the chat room into a private chat room. Livejasmin and Imlive camgirls must manually turn the chat room into an exclusive chat room.

So, while you are chatting with a cam girl, if you see the cam girl standing up and removing her bra without asking or starting to dance, this is because somebody else entered the chat and asked the cam girl to do something.

For your information, some cam girl websites provide a real exclusive chat option. This means that in this mode, no other guests can enter the chat room. Those cam girl websites are stripchat, streamate and camcontacts

Prefer cam girls who audio chat

If a cam girl chats with you away from her keyboard, this means that she is only discussing with you. On the other hand, if she talks to you while typing it means she is likely chatting with someone else. An audio chat also means that you really chat with the cam girl, not a human translator (my article about scams).

This also means that she understands what you say. Also, it is cheaper to chat with a cam girl than text chatting with a cam girl. When you text chat it takes long to type sentences. Without being aware of it, you can pass many more information talking than typing.

She must do what you asked

When you asked a woman to undress and that you see that she is obviously dragging out by chit chatting, it is time to stop. Some cam girls are slow on purpose because they want the guests to stay as long as possible.

When a cam girl answers your typed questions after a significant delay, this may not be acceptable. I do understand when cam girls have to translate your question but when a cam girl understands what you say it is not acceptable.

Once again, audio chats greatly improve user experience and answer many issues related to online chat with cam girls.