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How to choose a camgirl for a live sex show?

    1. A good performer is busy. Members take good performers to private chat sessions and consequently, these camgirls aren’t always available. So, it is a really good sign when you see that a camgirl is often unavailable. This means members like her. She is very likely a really good performer. Conversely, when you see that a camgirl is always free and that noone tips her or take her private, this means that something is likely wrong with her. Availability is a better indicator than any user reviews or ratings. This is a major red flag when you see that a stunning camgirl is never busy in a private chat session and/or get not tips in her public chatroom. This means something is wrong with her and other visitors know it. Consequently, she has no returning visitors.
    2. She is active: Active camgirls are always on the move. Either they masturbate on webcam, use a dildo, undress, show their pussy to the public. Conversely, lazy camgirls tend to stay full dressed without moving. So, in this case, if you choose the most active camgirls for a live sex show, you are less likely to be disappointed.
    3. Her sex toys are on display in the chat room, It shows she is willing to please visitors. Conversely, when a camgirl tells you that she must stand up and look for her sex toys, it is just not serious. A camgirl should have her accessories close at hand. Also, Beware of camgirls who promise to buy sex toys.
    4. She wears sexy light clothes. I saw once a camgirl wearing a turtleneck jumper. For sure, it was not sexy. Also, it implies that it will take ages before she removes her turtleneck sweater, and her a T-shirt. When a camgirl wears sexy clothes, it also means she made an effort to please viewers. This is an indication that she is willing to please viewers in a live sex show.
    5. Be cautious when a camgirl forces you to buy several minutes in advance. Check the previous points before pressing the “private show” button.

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