How to choose a cam girl on an adult webcam chat site?

  • She is willing to talk: Prefer a cam girl who greets people who enter her chat room in free chat. It means she is willing to speak in English. Some cam girls just don’t want to do anything, and in this case, it is a waste of money. That’s an ideal situation because few of them do this.
  • Check her English proficiency: Ask questions right away to check if she understands what you say like “show me your tattoo please.” Some cam girls make people believe they understand English, but they don’t understand anything. They will even make you believe that they don’t understand you but you will be able to hear yourself in her room because of delay. Consequently, it is a waste of time to go in a private chat room with women who don’t speak English.
  • Prefer audio chat than text chat because 1. chatting is faster than typing and 2. A cam girl can’t speak with 4 people at the same time, and she is forced to only talk to you.
  • Choose a woman who is willing to communicate with you. Women who stand in front of the webcam, sending no messages, being very slow, without smiling are horrible.
  • Choose a woman who is respectful to you. When you enter a room where the music is really loud and when there is an audio saturation because of the loud music. When a woman lit a cigarette without asking you. When a cam girl talks to someone else in the room. When a camgirl obviously chats with someone else. When she is really slow to react to your requests for no reasons. 
  • Check if she has some accessories & if she shows her accessories. It shows she is willing to please the visitors.
  • If a camgirl bashes you or negatively judge you, don’t forget that you pay for the communication. Leave the chat room without saying goodbye.

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