How to spot bad camgirls? – list of bad camgirl beheaviors

We listed below the misbehaviors of camgirls that we encountered in private chat sessions.

The camgirl is broadcasting on different websites simultaneously while in private

The bad camgirls connect to 2 or 3 websites at the same time. They have special applications that allow sending their webcam streaming to several websites at the same time. If you see the label “” in the right bottom corner of a screen, this means the camgirl works also on another website. In this case, don’t visit her private chat. If you decide to visit her private chat room, she may keep on chatting with other people on another website. The people of the said website may benefit from you paying a live sex show because they may see a free live sex show thanks to your private chat session.

Also, a woman broadcasting on different websites at the same time can’t give 100% attention to her visitor in a private chat session. You can detect this bad behavior easily. Usually, this type of camgirl performs a live show that you didn’t ask. For example, she starts dancing in the middle of a conversation. She may also get naked without reason. You can verify if a camgirl broadcast on another website. In a private chat session, you can hear noises like bells from time to time. This means she keeps on going receiving tips from users on another website. She may wear a lovense lush that is triggered by these users.

Whatever the camgirl website, be aware that good camgirls don’t simultaneously chat with several users at the same time in a private chat session. good camgirl turn their chatroom in an exclusive chat room

The camgirl switched off her microphone

Some of those camgirls also turn off their audio so that no one can hear the noises and the beeps of the website on which they operate. For example, a sound can be heard on chaturbate when a camgirl receives a tip. Meanwhile, if she also broadcasts on cam4, people watching her webcam streaming will be able to hear the Chaturbate sounds. So, when a camgirl switches off the sound it means that maybe she is simultaneously streaming to several adult chat websites.

She may also make you believe that her microphone does not work. It is just an excuse! When a camgirl is online 5 days a week, she has time to fix her microphone. Also, she may tell you that her microphone is on and this may be a lie.

Sometimes, they don’t understand English well.

A camgirl who doesn’t understand english should still switch on her audio. A good camgirl just have to mention that she does not understand english well and prefer to type.

For example, I went to a private chat session with a Russian woman, she told me “no speak English” and after that, she started to use a translation website. In this case, it was honest and I wasn’t fooled. As long as her audio was on, I could understand that everything was correct in her chat room.

The camgirl reacts slowly in a private chat session on purpose

Those women are very slow to answer your requests in a private chat room because they want you to earn a lot from you without doing anything.

I saw that some camgirls didn’t answer questions quickly. Sometimes, the waiting time between your question and the answer is justified when the camgirl does not speak English and use a translation website. However, if the said woman works as a camgirl since several years, she should be able to chat in English.

If you asked a camgirl to get naked and if you see that she waits 1 minute before doing something, it is time to leave without saying goodbye.

I created a protocol. I ask 4 questions, if she answers the 4 questions in more than 45 seconds, I leave the chat room.

The camgirl wants you to pay more even if you are in a private chat session

This is a situation where a camgirl promises you additional things if you send a tip during a private chat session. For example, she may promise she will shoot a video for you. She may promise she will do something special for you. In fact, it is likely a scam and you will very likely get nothing in return. Tips in private chats are intended to show your appreciation.

The camgirl hides her face and body in a private chat session

If a woman chose to work as a camgirl, she chose a public job. Consequently, it is not acceptable when a camgirl hides her face. We pay to be able to watch a woman from head to toes.

My first recommendation would be to avoid visiting a camgirl who hides her face and set a price that is as high as other camgirls who show their face.

I saw an insane situation where a camgirl asked a customer to turn on his webcam while she wasn’t showing her face. I advise you to follow this simple rule: If she does not show her face first, don’t show your face. A paid private webcam chat session isn’t a chit-chat in a nightclub, the camgirl is a service provider. if she does not deliver anything, there is no reason for you to pay in a private chat session.

Be aware that some camgirls don’t want to show their body at all; even without when they are fully dressed. We live in this era where many women are willing to show their body to the masses on instagram, tik tok, facebook. If you enter a private chat room in which the webcam model does not want to show her body, leave as fast as possible. If there is nothing to see, don’t spend your money for nothing.

For example, I hate to see when a camgirl does not want to stand up and turn around. if you find yourself in a chatroom where you can’t see anything, there is no reason to spend your money. These women think they can cross their arms and make money without doing anything. Don’t help these women. By the way, I have never seen such a lazy camgirl on Livejasmin. I have added a link to livejasmin at the bottom of this page.

She is disrespectful.

Some camgirls are disrespectful. I think about these women who criticize your look, your behavior, your choice, your interior, your questions. I think about these women who mock you. If you face such a situation, you should leave the chat room instantly. You don’t pay for a chat to be criticized or mocked.

So, when a camgirl says something like:

  • You sound silly…
  • You should not do this…
  • What you say isn’t interesting…
  • How many times are you going to ask this?

it is time to leave the chatroom.

For your information, you will not get penalized, if you leave a chatroom without saying good bye. You are the customer. They are the service provider.

If you are into BDSM but in this case, you would go to the fetish category, or you would have told her beforehand that you look for a domina. If she starts to behave badly, it is not acceptable

She insists to see you on webcam

When you enter a private chat room, you are the customer and the camgirl a service provider. If a camgirl wants you to switch on your webcam, it is a role reversal. She should not ask you to do anything. A camgirl is rude when she asks a customer to switch on his webcam; at least at the beginning of a chat.

Normally, you are not here to indulge the camgirl requests. This should be the other way around. Also, I tend to be cautious when a camgirl asks me to switch on my webcam. I wonder if she wants to take a screenshot of my webcam. I only turn on my webcam when I feel comfortable about it. If the camgirl has a public chat room, I first observe what she does in public. Is she far away from a smartphone or keyboard. Does she sound like a manipulative woman or a predator. I may start the chat with a cam2cam or not depending on what I see. If the camgirl has no public chat room, I start with a text-only chat session. I evaluate the situation, and then I may or may not switch on my webcam.

Some camgirls use their power of persuasion by asking a question like: “do you have a webcam? or do you have cam?”. They want to influence the customer so that he would switch on the webcam on his own. They want to lead to believe that he will get a better user experience if he turns on his webcam. I think it is just a trick. I think the camgirls who do this just trick customers into believing that they will get a better show or a better chat session if they turn on their webcam. However, you can see that on tipping websites like chaturbate and stripchat that the best camgirls don’t need to see anybody on webcam to perform a great live sex show.

She wants you to get naked

Once again, it is a role reversal when a camgirl wants you to get naked. I think that if a man wants to get naked for a camgirl, he should do it on its own without being asked by anybody else. If someone asks him to undress, this is clearly a role reversal.

It is accurate if this is private chat room of an official domme otherwise, it does not make sense to me.

She does not answer your questions

Some camgirls never answer your questions or they answer by saying “yes”, “no”. They never give details. If the camgirl is lazy and if she is not cooperative, her beauty does not suffice. There are also those women who don’t really answer to your questions. For example, you ask a question like “Do you watch porn movies?” and she answers “Should I?” I like to repeat that this is a paid chat. It is not a chit-chat at a party. She is a service provider and you are a customer. She must answer. If we take the previous example, to the question “Do you watch porn movies?” she could also answer that she is not comfortable talking about this subject”. Then, you can continue the conversation and she may answer your questions later on. Conversely, I note that bad camgirls disrespectfully answer questions. When it happens, it is time to leave the private chat room.

There are also women who answer a question with another question.

There are camgirls who obviously don’t understand what you say. Don’t waste your time trying to explain every single of your question. When your question is simple there is nothing to explain.

Some camgirls “drop” some questions. This is the situation when you asked her something, and she does not answer. If she does not understand English, she should copy/paste this sentence in a translation webpage. However, I suspect these camgirls to do it on purpose. When you chat on Facebook or skype, you never avoid answering a question when there are few of them. So, I think those camgirls think that maybe the customer will move on so that they don’t need to translate the sentence in their native language.

When you pay $6 per minutes and notice that the camgirl refuse to answer your questions it is not normal.

She does not want to talk about sex

All the camgirl websites are sex websites. There are categories where camgirls aren’t obliged to get naked during a private chat session. That’s ok. However, some women get offended when you ask her questions about her sexuality. I find it unacceptable. I repeat it again and will repeat it again. The camgirl is a service provider. If she does not want to answer your question, it makes no sense to stay in her private chat room.

If she does not want to answer a question she should express it the right way. She should tell you very politely that she is not comfortable answering the question. However, if you witness that she does not want to talk, it is time to leave the chat right away. She should not verbally attack you during a private chat after you asked her a sexual question. I noticed that some women were upset and grumpy after asking sexual questions. I think these women have a problem. So, if it happens, leave the chat session as fast as possible. If you argue with this woman you are going to spend even more money and she will benefit from the situation. Even if the said camgirl is beautiful, there is nothing you can do.

Some women join sexual categories of webcam model websites even if they don’t want to tallk about sex or get naked. They do it on purpose. Sexual categories attract more people than non-sexual categories. So, they want to make money by luring visitors who visit sexual categories.

She answers a phone call during a private chat session

You pay for the chat by the minute. It is not acceptable when a camgirl decides to answer a phone call. She is speaking to somebody else on the phone while you are charged by the minute in a private chat session. This means you pay for nothing. You should leave the chat room as soon as possible. We also saw camgirls texting somebody during a private chat session. When you see that the camgirl is not fully available for you, leave the chat session as fast as possible.

A camgirl calling up somebody during a private chat session

She does not do what you asked

You asked her to do something, but she does not want to do it. She does not explain you why she does not indulge. I like to repeat that during a private chat session, the camgirl is a service provider. If she does not want to indulge customer requests, she should justify it. Then, I would encourage you to leave the private chat session as fast as possible if she does not come back to you.

If you asked the camgirl to get naked, to perform a live sex show for you in a private chat room, and if she does not oblige, she should tell you why she does not accept your request.

We saw a rise of such a behavior in 2021. Some camgirls join adult categories where women are expected to get naked but refuse to get naked in front of their webcam. When it is the case, I do advise you to instantly leave the chat session. When adult chat websites started, you rarely encountered a woman who refused to undress on webcam. At that time, these camgirls knew why they joined sexual categories. The percentage of bad lazy camgirls has increased over the years.

She is rude

In a conversation, the camgirl may blame you for what you say. She may also be disrespectful. She may make fun of you, your opinion, your situation, your choices. She may be mean during a private chat session.

In this case, don’t even argue. Leave the chat as fast as possible. She is not worth spending time on her. Leave a comment, downrate her, leave a keyword if the camgirl website allows it.

If a camgirl is not marketed as a “dominatrix”, she should not be mean. But anyways, when you are in a chat with a dominatrix, she should say it to you.

Such behavior is not acceptable because you are the customer, and she is a service provider. It would be masochist to accept talking to her.

The following screenshot below was taken during a private chat session. The user was charged by the minute. He was polite but the webcam model was rude to him.

A chat with a rude camgirl
A camgirl is rude to a user during a private chat session

If the camgirl said something that was really mean, I do advise you to contact the support team of the camgirl site and tell them about it. They must understand that TOXIC camgirls are bad for business. If camgirl users encounter multiple situations with bad camgirls, they will leave the website and never go back.

She lights up a cigarette without asking the user

Not so long ago, I saw a camgirl rolling a cigarette and light it without asking during a private webcam chat session. We were in the middle of a conversation and rather than asking me, she stopped talking and started to look for the paper and tobacco. Good camgirls usually ask you before lighting a cigarette and the best camgirls don’t eat or smoke during their live session.

The camgirl asked the user to wait

This is the situation when you get in a private chat room and the camgirl tells you that she must do something. Then, she disappears, and you are waiting while you are charged by the minute. If she had something important to do, she could have done it before the private chat session. This is a disrespectful situation, and you should leave the chat session when it happens.

For sure, it does not include the situation when you asked the camgirl to get dressed in a different outfit.

She stalls for time on purpose

This is the situation where a woman does not act after you asked her to do something. For example, a camgirl does not get naked after you asked her. These women are not dumb. She thinks that you will wait for the show and she is going to get more money because you are charged while you are waiting. They can clearly read your requests in the text message area. So, if this happens, don’t get upset, find the button to end the chat immediately and leave a comment or give her a bad score.

This situation only happens in text chat sessions. We never saw a situation where a woman refused to get naked during an audio chat session. Chatrooms where the microphone is on are the best evidence this camgirl isn’t a fraud.

She lies in her profile

I understand that some webcam models lie about their country of origin. For example, Pornography is prohibited in Ukraine, So, it makes sense when Ukrainian webcam models don’t want people to know they come from Ukraine. Apart from this, situation I think that Webcamgirls should not lie about their age, their height, their weight. Some camgirls also steal pictures of other women like supermodels to attract users. I also think that photoshopped pictures are a form of lie. She may also lie about the type of sex shows or activities she performs. So, if you are in a private chat session and understood that the camgirl fooled you, leave as soon as possible without saying goodbye.

She is eating during a private chat session

It is a rare a behavior, but it’s worth mentioning it. I find it disrespectful when a camgirl is eating during a paid conversation. You are paying the communication, and she should be fully available for you. However, when she is eating, she can’t be fully available. It is a disrespectful behavior. If somebody knocks at the door and if she must talk with the person coming in, she didn’t trigger the situation. Conversely, if a woman starts to eat something in front of the webcam, she triggered the situation. You are charged by the minute, but she does not care. When it happens, leave without saying goodbye because otherwise you are squandering your time and your money in this webcam model chatroom.

Somebody else is in her room

Sometimes, some women let somebody stay in the room. In the past, we heard people speaking out of webcam range. For example, we heard a boyfriend who commented on the user requests. Additionally, the camgirl talked with the boyfriend in Russian during the paid private chat session. However, it wasn’t a couple chatroom. It was the chatroom of a “single” camgirl. It was a toxic situation. We heard the boyfriend saying that the user was “naughty.”

Sometimes, a female friend stays in the room out of camera range. The camgirl is talking to this friend while she is talking to you in a private chat. It is rude.

She set a high price but does not understand english

This is the situation when a woman set a high price per minute for a private chat session but is unable to understand what you say in English. I think that camgirls who can’t have a chat in English should not be too expensive during a chat session.

Some camgirls trick you into believing that they are unable to carry on a conversation in English. They will for instance pretend that they can’t hear you well. They will pretend that your accent is difficult to understand even if you speak slowly. They will pretend that they didn’t expect a question. Camgirls are really creative in this field, be ready to hear all sorts of excuses.

When it happens, don’t waste your time and your money leave as fast as possible. It gets unpleasant when you must repeat your sentences several times because it costs money.

She does not lower the music volume during an audio chat session

A situation in which the camgirl would not lower or stopped the music in her chatroom even if an audio chat started so that the guest could barely understand what the camgirl said. In fact, most of the time the guest does not understand anything the camgirl says.

The policy of against bad behaviors of webcam models

The camgirl website implemented a set of rules to avoid bad behaviors of camgirls. Among other things, LJ cam models are not allowed to:

  • Stay out of camera view
  • Eat in front of the webcam
  • Use their smartphone in free chat
  • Sleep or nap
  • ignore customers
  • Refuse request
  • stall for time
  • Ask for money
  • Be rude with members outside of roleplay
  • Let someone else stay in the room in the background.
  • Speak in another language than English in free chat

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List of prohibited behaviors on Livejasmin for camgirls

Opinion :

The Bad camgirls have no empathy for customers who spend their money in private chat sessions. These toxic women think that money fall off trees.

When I investigated the bad behavior issue, I saw camgirls with a high price per minute who misbehaved. A high price per minute is not a guarantee for a premium private chat session. You waste your money and time if you explain a camgirl that she should change her behaviour during a private chat session since you pay by the minute. Leave the private chat as fast as possible, this is the only thing you can do.

Today, there are many adult chat websites and many camgirls. Be choosy. Don’t waste your time and your money on a camgirl who doesn’t deliver. Add camgirls to your favorites. Remove unsatisfying camgirls from your favorites. Keep the best camgirls.

Leave without saying goodbye after spotting a bad behavior. Some camgirls are offended because customers leave without saying goodbye. I am sorry to say that this customer behavior is normal. This is a paid chat. They don’t understand it. It costs money to say goodbye. A paid chat session is not a casual conversation at the local night bar.

This page is also for you to see what a high-quality camgirl is.

You can find good camgirls. These women want to please their visitors. They greet them, they talk to them. They act fast as soon as they have a private chat session. They stop their music, and they plug headphones to better understand what visitors say in an audio chat session. They act fast when the guest asks the camgirl to stand up or get naked. These women are polite and respectful.

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