Imlive vs Livejasmin comparison

I tested cam model chat sessions at Imlive and Livejasmin and I compared both of the adult chat services. Here are my conclusions.


There are more beautiful cam models on LiveJasmin that on Imlive. On top of that, Livejasmin cam girls allow cam-to-cam during a chat session most of the time. On the contrary, there are some Imlive cam models who don’t allow cam-to-cam.

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price Rates

On Average, Imlive cam girls are less expensive than Livejasmin cam girls. On top of that, most of the time, Livejasmin cam models require the the guest to pay an additional fee for a cam-to-cam. On the other hand, the private webcam chat session has a fixed price rate at Imlive whether you use text messages or cam-to-cam.

Imlive allows cam models to setup Discount codes and discounted chat sessions. Consequently, a guest may 20% to 30% less on discounted chat sessions. On the other hand, there is no discounts at Livejasmin.


It is possible to send an offline message to a cam model at Livejasmin or Imlive. However, the guest must pay a fee to send a message to a cam model at Livejasmin. On the other hand, sending a message is free at Imlive.

Chat session application

The chat application requires less resource on Imlive than on Livejasmin. After using Imlive and Livejasmin several times, I must admit that I faced some connectivity issues during cam-to-cam with chats on Livejasmin and it was not related to the cam model connection. When you talk in a microphone, there is always a delay between the time when you talk and the time when she hears what you say.

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