Is it safe to share credit card details on cam girl websites?

credit cards

I extensively tested camgirl websites for many years. I never faced any unauthorized use of my VISA & MASTERCARD credit cards details.

I guarantee that the following live sex chat websites are safe since I have tested them:

I confirm that the following payment gateways are safe: DDIT services, CCbill, Epoch, Verotel, chaturbill, segpay and centrobill.

Enter your real name & your real address:

A long time ago, I had my credit card blocked twice because I entered a false name & false address at several cam girl websites. Support teams check inconsistencies between details from the credit card and personal data that you enter during payment to fight the use of stolen or fake credit cards. It is important to enter your real name and details when you enter your credit cards details, otherwise, your credit card will be blocked.

I never had any issue since I started to enter my real name and my real address with the list of live sex chats cited above. In fact, i used each of the services extensively and there were lots of CCBILL records on my bank statements. However, no bank representatives have ever called me regarding those bank records. I have also read privacy policy from imlive, LiveJasmin, camcontacts and Imlive. They all protect your privacy.

By the way, If you don’t want to provide credit card details. livejasmin and Imlive provide payment method alternatives. You can use cryptocurrency to pay at Livejasmin and Imlive. With, you can use Paysafecard that you buy at the local grocery store or bitcoins. With Imlive, you can pay by PumaPay credits which can be bought using Ethereum. Those methods of payment are great because they are fully anonymous.

A counter example:

This website used a “wheel” of payment gateways, meaning that each time I bought credits on livesexcams, a different payment gateway was used. My bank noticed it and blocked after using one of my bank representatives called me and I had to confirm that all the payments came from me. They didn’t see that the expenses were for a live sex chat. However, you don’t want to see your credit card blocked and the bank calling you after using a live sex chat.