Example of bank statement records after using live sex chat sites

We tried some paid chat sessions on LiveJasmin, camcontacts, imlive, streamate. None of the domain names appeared on our bank statement records afterward. It means that bank employees cannot guess the sources of the expense. It also means that everyone with a bank statement with such a record is unable to understand that the expense has been made for camgirls websites.

Nevertheless, it is possible to track the source of expense if someone has your credit card number & your email address. So, it is better to have a disposable email address that nobody knows if you are looking for anonymity. You have to put your real name and address when you buy credits or add your credit card details, otherwise, the adult chat website is likely to block your account.

You will find solutions to protect your privacy at the end of this article.

What appears on my bank statement if I use LiveJasmin?

I have added a star between characters below to prevent your bank teller, girlfriend, wife to discover this page by looking at your bank statement.

You will see on your bank statement an entry with D*D*I*T*s*e*r*v*i*c*e*s. The name “LiveJasmin” will not be displayed on the bank statement records. As there is no connection between the company that gathers payment and LiveJasmin, you are safe.

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What appears on my bank statement if I use camcontacts?

You will be billed by CCBill.

CCEUROPE NET or CCBILL or CCMEDIA will be displayed on your bank statement record with last 8 digits of your credit card. Lately, I have seen the brand CCMEDIA on the bank statement and it was great because it was neither related to CCBILL and the live sex cam website I used. Also, notice I had no problems with CCbill. CCbill is used by many other websites as a payment gateway. So, if someone is looking for ccbill online on google, this person will not likely find anything useful.

The word camcontacts will not appear on your bank statement.

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What appears on my bank statement if I use imlive?

Imlive uses Epoch and CCBill. There are payment gateways that are used for many other purposes than using it for camgirl websites. On your bank statement, you will see the word “Epoch” or “ccbill” with no connection to Imlive.

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What appears on my bank statement if I use chaturbate?

There are several options in this case, but I must warn you that if you use their first payment processor option, the word “c*h*a*t*u*r*b*i*l*l” will appear on your bank statement. In this case, it is definitely not anonymous because the word c*h*a*t*u*r*b*i*l*l is pretty close to chaturbate< & it is used only by chaturbate. Hopefully, on Chaturbate you can use other payment gateways. If you have a credit card, use Epoch. The word Epoch will appear on your bank statement. The payment processor Epoch, its website and its twitter account is not related to any adult websites. At least, The Epoch team never mentions any adult website in its communications.

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When filing payment method, there is a message stating
If you choose to access clearly marked paid services, charges will show up as ‘ECHST.NET 867-452-5108’ . ECHST.NET is a payment processor and it is not related to an adult website.

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Get more anonymity, use a prepaid card or no credit cards at all

However, I encourage you to use a prepaid credit card or pay using another payment method because it is the most anonymous solution. With the following options, no bank tellers or wife would be able to see the expense.

Solution for European residents – Visa card in Euro or GBP:

Order a prepaid mastercard in euro or GBP on N26, Wise or Revolut.

Solution for US residents:

  • Try privacy.com. It is a free service that generates a virtual VISA card number
  • Order a Netspend or Brinks prepaid mastercard in USD if your bank does not work with privacy.com

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