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Problems with your mastercard or visa card when using live sex chat sites?

    Customers of live sex chat websites complain they are bothered by their banks after using a live sex chat website. There is a good solution to avoid this problem.

    Use a prepaid MasterCard or a prepaid visa card.

    Solution for users in the USA:

    Use which provides you a virtual credit card number, link this card to your American bank account and hide all your expenses from your American bank.

    Solution for users in European Union & UK

    I recommend using Wise, Revolut or N26 for several reasons. First of all, they provide GBP or EURO MasterCard. You can also make a wire transfer or SEPA transfer from and to this wallet.

    No one else can see your credit card statement. We successfully paid on,,, and via N26, Wise, Revolut cards.

    You can also use if to make payment on / / / / …