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What is a good camgirl in a private chat?

    The goal of this page is to define what a good camgirl does to help you choose the best camgirls. If you are unlucky, you may be disappointed by some adult chat websites. The websites are not responsible for the behavior of the camgirls. Therefore, you should be picky. Don’t hesitate to leave private chat rooms quickly and try several camgirls.

    A good camgirl does not broadcast herself on several websites while she is in a private chat.

    Some camgirls can’t give you 100% attention, even during a private chat because they broadcast themselves on several adult chat websites at the same time. Good camgirls either “logout” from other websites when they are in a private with a visitor on a website, or they only log in to one camgirl website at a time.

    A good camgirl switches on her microphone

    It is not acceptable when a camgirl switches off her microphone during a private chat session. When the audio is off, it can be a scam. A human translator can be hidden somewhere off camera. The video can be recorded. She may not understand english at all. She may talk to someone in her room.

    It is ok if a camgirl who does not understand English switches on her microphone and tell the visitor that she does not speak English well.

    A good camgirl shows her face

    People pay to see a camgirl in private. To me, it is not acceptable to pay for a private chat and only see some parts of a camgirl. If a camgirl chose this job, she has to be strong enough to show her face to her audience. Many adult chat websites allow camgirls to block people from the countries of their choice. They can do it to protect their privacy in their country.

    A good camgirl does not move slowly on purpose / she does not make you wait

    Some camgirls move slowly because they want website members to spend more money. Also, there are camgirls who just answer “yes” or “no” to question. There are camgirls who wait before answering. On the other hand, good camgirls try to answer quickly. After asking good camgirls to get naked, they are quick to get naked and get into action.

    A good camgirl tell you the truth about her country of origin

    camgirls can block the members in the country where they reside. There is no reason to lie to other members about where she really lives.

    A good camgirl does not ask intrusive questions

    Some camgirls operate a role reversal. They ask you straightforward questions about your private life, your job position, your family, your marital status. I think about the situation where a woman asks intrusive questions seconds after starting a chat. Also, those women shoot questions like a machine gun sometimes. They act as if she would meet you in the real world at a coffee shop. They are wrong. You are a customer and they are service providers. They should not ask intrusive questions.

    A good camgirl answers your questions quickly in a text chat session

    Some bad camgirls answer questions slowly in a text chat on purpose. They want you to spend your money. Sometimes bad camgirls chat with many users at the same time to make a lot of money. Not every camgirls act like this. Good camgirls don’t try to chat with many users at the same time.

    For example, I saw a streamate camgirls telling users that there were busy in a private chat session. On Streamate, people can enter a chat room and discuss by text with the camgirl. On Livejasmin, a camgirl locked her chat room after another user entered her chat room. She turned the chat room into a real one-to-one. On camcontacts, lots of camgirls exclusively chat by text. The good cc camgirls avoid chatting with several people at the same time.

    A good camgirl answers every question you ask. She does not drop a question. In a one to one, she should not drop a question. There is no reason to do it. When you chat with somebody on Facebook messenger or Skype, you never miss a question. I suspect some camgirls to be lazy. I think they don’t want to answer questions.

    We also listed the bad behavior of camgirls